Attention all Samsung fans: The newly advanced Good Lock UI is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, all Galaxy S6 varieties, and the Galaxy Note 5.
Everyday, countless people post pictures of their newly broken phones to Instagram, creating a collection of 1,000 ways to die… if you’re a smartphone. There are a few simple solutions that may fix your smartphone if it is malfunctioning, not holding a charge, or refusing to connect to Bluetooth.  Thanks to the fact we use our smartphones for just about everything, a whole world of technical glitches can catch us off guard. If your iPhone photos seem to be decreasing in quality it could be because the camera lens is dirty. Each smartphone battery is manufactured with a set amount of charge cycles before it burns out.
If you love music get ready to rock out over these awesome free music apps that are actually worth downloading.    1.
Even if your smartphone is so broken you’ve been told there’s no way to recover your data, there’s still hope!
Your Apple Watch is capable of so much more than you give it credit for, like these 16 things you didn’t know your smartwatch could do for you. Micro soldering repairs are necessary when one or more tiny chips located on your phone’s motherboard become damaged.

Samsung offered the latest release with a strong promise to update the app once every two weeks. Cell phone repairs are our profession, so we see some BADLY broken phones on an everyday basis.
You don’t have to crack your iPhone screen, or drop your Android in the toilet for your smartphone to suddenly start acting un-smart.
It’s very easy to clean your iPhone camera lens and as a result you’ll take much better pictures. If your phone is presenting issues, such as not holding a charge, you may need to replace your smartphone battery.  Most phones outlast the battery. Unless you take your device completely apart you will not see the motherboard, as these sensitive components are kept well shielded for a reason. This automatically linked storage service can access your mail, contacts, calendar and other information stored on your phone through iCloud.
Samsung is paying close attention to feedback, offering a user experience that should only continue to get better over time.  Good Lock takes over your standard lock screen when downloaded onto your Galaxy device. Since the iPhone camera sits flush to the back of your phone, it’s super easy to pick up dirt and debris.

There are certain things everyone knows an Apple Watch can do, like sending someone your heartbeat or using Apple Pay to pay people off on the fly.
We know how to fix pretty much anything and everything that comes through our doors, but that’s not to say things don’t take us by surprise. Micro soldering is a largely underused form of broken phone repair in the USA, but it has a lot of popularity in Europe. If something goes wrong with one of these tiny chips, your phone may stop working entirely. These changes aren’t all that noticeable until they become so severe that they interfere with day-to-day functionality.
Cizoo was created so that everyone can let out their inner song and communicate at the same time.
The app works by letting you send and receive messages (recorded in your best singing voice) to friends.

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