While traditional postpaid cell phone plans are the best bet for some users, prepaid cell phone plans have become a good, and practical, choice for many others. After wading through the nitty gritty details of other companies’ cell phone plans, the straightforwardness of Sprint have a family hankering for high-speed data, Sprint Prepaid isn’t the best choice. Those services, combined with the Jitterbug’s user-friendly design and GreatCall’s affordable prepaid plans, make it one of the best cell phone plansA for senior citizens.

Choose between our devices or our Share Everything plan, See why Verizon is America's best network.
If you’re looking to save money on your monthly cellphone bill, opting for prepaid wireless service may be the way to go, especially as carriers offer a wider selections of phones to their prepaid customers. Prepaid plans from Verizon keep you in control without the worry of overages or hidden fees.

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