Choose the New Customer option unless you have used and activated one of their phones before. Whether you've activated so many Tracfones you can do it in your sleep or if this is your first one, you might want to take a quick look at a detailed overview of the process - however it's mostly identical to that for NET10. When you activate Kajeet, a Sprint-based cell phone for kids, you have to choose the plan and your messaging preferences.
With Net10 you also have the option to receive recorded messages with special offers at your Home Phone number.

However, if you have bought a couple of identical phones for your family, use a nickname that identifies each phone.
However, the phone itself has not yet been updated.After a few minutes, the date and time update are updated on the screen, but the airtime info still shows zero minutes and zero service days. You can then go to either the Pay As You Go or Pick Your Plan login page (depending on your plan) and sign in using the cell phone number of your new gophone and your temporary PIN.
Each time this happens you also receive a (free) text messages on your phone alerting you to the change and confirming the change which can get to be a bit much.

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