Getting cash for used cell phones hidden in some drawer in your house is an idea that's definitely worth considering. Pacebutler Corporation, the country's premier buyer of used cell phones, will pay as much as $300, depending on the phone's brand, model, and quality for each mobile phone unit that you ship to us. As far as we're concerned, nothing can be more important than our customers and your convenience.
That tens of thousands of people from all across the US repeatedly transact business with us every time they upgrade their mobile devices - and want cash for used cell phones - is testimony to how simple, transparent, and convenient this system is. Print shipping label to send your cell phones, box and send your cell phones, then get cash for your phones. There's no room for guess work here, you will already know how much your phones are worth before you ship them.
Over all these valuable years, we have delivered a genuine method for recycling used cell phones to consumers and ours is the easiest and most convenient way to turn your old cell phones into cash.
It is in line with this core belief, that we have created a simple and convenient system that anyone wanting to earn cash for used cell phones, can go through and finish in a few short minutes.

And, because we use the US Postal Service, you can conveniently leave your used phone package for your mailman to pickup and ship the next day. Get cash for used cell phones - it's easy, it's fast, it's convenient - get started with Pacebutler, today. In fact, it is one of our prime objectives to allow our customers to get a good price out of their used cell phones so that we are able to put them to good use for our environment. Selling those used cell phones can turn those assets into instant cash while it allows you to empty your house of a few pieces of used and unwanted electronic devices. Here are the basic steps: find out the actual value of your old phones by reading or downloading our Purchase Price List, choose which company handles the shipping for you (FedEx or the US Postal Service), print out the mailing label, and ship the phones to us - for free. We believe in giving you a fair value for your used cellular phone but that doesn't mean that you have to wait for weeks, while we take our time trying to figure out your phones' actual price.
PaceButler can assure you with our guarantee that you would be getting a proper value out of your old cell phones. That's it, all you need to do now would be to wait for your check in the mail - we're usually able to issue a check within 2 business days after we received the phones.

The average turn-around time for the transactions that we process is one of the fastest in the industry. We deliver a proven method for recycling old cell phones to thousands of consumers as well as non-profit groups in the United States.
We assure you that we send you a prompt check usually within a couple of days of receiving your old cell phones. PaceButler pays you the market value of your old cell phone in cash for the clunker you simply won’t use otherwise.
What more can you ask for…we pay for your shipping too…Maximize your old cell phone’s value and get cash for your old cell phones today!

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