If you’re considering going prepaid on Boost Mobile, we’re here to help break down some of the best Boost Mobile phones you can buy.
So if Boost Mobile sounds like the way you want to go, check out our full list of the top Boost Mobile phones you can get right now.
The Moto G is a great budget device for those who aren’t looking to spend a ton on a phone. The iPhone 6 is the latest and greatest, and it can be yours as long as you have a big budget. If you’re a Windows user and want a Windows Phone as well, the Lumia 635 is your best bet on Boost. A phone is no good if you can’t see what you’re doing, so choosing a device with a good display is a no-brainer. Many users are coming off an older device and have already adopted a major platform (Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, or Microsoft’s Windows Phone). No one really carries a standalone camera around with them anymore, so we typically turn to our phones for snapping a quick photo. Of course if none of the devices we listed here are of interest to you, swing by the Boost Mobile store to check out all of your options. All three Android smartphones have their fair share of supporters, so it’s logical for Nokia to offer a similar device for Windows Phone 8. The specs certainly sound appealing, but is the Lumia 1520 enough to convert some of the Android and iOS faithful? At arm’s length it doesn’t look like a premium device, but thankfully the materials and construction tell a different story. Nokia is fearless in its quest for bright, confident designs and that’s always aligned well with the bright, stark look of Windows Phone 8. The screen is crisp and clear, giving live tiles, apps and media alike a degree of clarity and definition that just hasn’t been possible on the platform before. For watching movies or listening to music on the move, a decent set of headphones are essential. Out of the box, the handset offers the Nokia Camera app – a combination of Nokia Pro Cam and Smart Camera – and the default Windows Phone 8 camera app. As with the Lumia 1020, you can also zoom-in and reframe your shots inside the Nokia Camera app.
The Lumia 1520 comes with Windows Phone 8 Update 3, better known as General Distribution Release 3. While Microsoft’s default apps are still serviceable, it’s Nokia’s offerings that really showcase what the Windows Phone 8 platform is capable of.
Nokia Creative Studio also offers some neat photo editing options, including tilt shift, collage and color pop, as well as various sliders for adjusting the brightness, clarity and vibrance. With a 3,400 mAh battery, you would expect the Lumia 1520 to last the better part of the day. Nokia does a tremendous job of propping up the platform, but the truth remains that this is a third-place OS desperate for new apps. This model upgrades the build to a metal and glass frame, while the camera remains top-notch. On the software side, Samsung still has a habit of cramming in a lot of extras, but they're starting to scale back on the bloatware. Going prepaid is all about saving some loot, and this phone will help you do that while still having a solid piece of hardware.
The Sharp Aquos Crystal is a gorgeous device that still has the guts to keep up with more big-name devices. You can get any number of Boost devices for way less than an iPhone 6, but if you simply want to stay with the latest tech — this is the way to do it. It’s sporting LTE and has better than average battery life, but a low-res screen and bad camera setup may leave some users wanting more. Style-wise, the Moto E follows lockstep with other Motorola devices, like the Moto G, with a hand-friendly curved back and replaceable backplate. Unlike with carrier contracts, you’ll have to put out the entire cost of the device up-front, making an inexpensive device a good option for many users. You can get a great device for as low as around $80, or opt for the all-in latest and greatest iPhone 6 at close to $650.
If you’re going to simply be sending some text messages, a few emails, and browsing the web, you can most likely get by with a smaller or low-resolution screen — saving a few bucks in the process. You’ll be able to stick with your platform when picking up a new Boost device, though the options may be a bit more limited than with other major carriers. Unfortunately, many phones don’t have great cameras, so that leaves the quick snaps looking like crap. No-one else is supporting the mobile operating system in any meaningful way, which in turn is forcing the Finnish smartphone manufacturer to create a diverse range of handsets all on its own.
The Lumia 1520 is a premium handset, with a sleeker design and the most impressive specs seen on a Windows Phone 8 device to date.

The bright exterior can be seen from a mile away and the soft, rounded edges give it an inviting, playful look.
The polycarbonate design is beautiful to behold and the plastic back is smooth, yet grippy in the hand. The added heft gives it a rugged flavor, but it’s also light enough to never feel overbearing. By default, I usually set all of my devices to the highest setting, unless I’m using them early in the morning or late at night.
Nokia devices have always performed well in this regard, but on a 6-inch display the Finnish smartphone maker’s prowess is even more noticeable. It’s surprisingly loud: While streaming some tracks on Nokia Music, I rarely needed to go above 20 (out of 30) in order to fill the room. Taking a call with the loudspeaker is fine, but for streaming and media playback the Lumia 1520 falls short.
The Lumia 1520 wants to dethrone the competition with a 20-megapixel PureView sensor which, while lower than the Lumia 1020, is still far beyond most devices in its class.
Their co-existence will be confusing to newcomers, especially given that the interface for both is pretty similar on the surface.
It’s still a half-pace behind the Lumia 1020, but even so the final images outstrip anything I’ve seen to date from an Android handset. All of the settings are accessible and easy to navigate using the semicircle of options that appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Altering any in-app settings is ridiculously quick, but it takes a few moments to boot up when you hit the app icon or shutter button. It’s less useful and impressive on the Lumia 1520, given that the original files are recorded and stored at a lower resolution. England can be a terrible place for photographers (for at least nine months of the year it’s a pretty grey, miserable place) but the Lumia 1520 coped surprisingly well. At full crop most images looked fine, but as soon as I looked a little closer it was clear that many of my images just weren’t as sharp as I had hoped. It adds a third column of Live Tiles to the Start Screen and supports up to six small icons along the width of the display.
The situation is beginning to improve: Vine recently debuted on the Windows Phone store, while Instagram, Flipboard and Path are all currently in development. Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor offers incredible performance across all aspects of the device.
Scrolling and swiping through the Windows Phone 8 UI has never felt better either; outside of the photography department, consider this the new standard-bearer for Microsoft’s mobile operating system. The number of hours I managed to squeeze on each charge did vary depending on my usage, but it was always acceptable and within my expectations for a device with this sort of display and high-end specs. As always, it’s worth stowing your charger in case of emergencies. It’s blisteringly fast, the display is fantastic and the camera – while not up to the standards of the Lumia 1020 – still destroys almost everything aside from the iPhone. The 6-inch display is huge and for most consumers, I think it’s a step too far for what should be a mobile, pocketable device. The features offered on each device are wildly different, but I started thinking of them the same way as I organized my backpack or satchel each day. This year has been an incredible one for devices that deliver the goods without breaking the bank and our shortlist fetes the smartphones voted for by the paying public to be the best this year.Winner- Vodafone Smart ultra 6 You would be hard pressed to find a more perfect combination of features and competitive pricing than the Vodafone Smart ultra 6.
The S6 edge variant offers an interesting use case for flexible displays, and has the same internals. The innovate design will always garner a second look, but you won’t be sacrificing too much in the process.
It has a great battery, awesome camera and Apple Pay, so you won’t be sacrificing much with this device. Boost doesn’t offer too much else as far as Windows Phone goes though, so the 635 may be the only option if you’re down with Windows Phone. For the price you’re obviously not going to get a great camera, but the software experience is clean and fast.
If you’re more into gaming or watching videos however, you’ll want a bigger, higher-resolution display on your new phone — of which plenty are available here. Most of the devices here are running (or will be soon) the latest software, so you don’t have to worry about being left out of the latest updates in the near future. Most of the devices in our list will power through a full work day with no problem, while a few go above and beyond. If you’re going to be taking a lot of photos from your phone, make sure you know how well the camera performs. No matter if you’re Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, you should be able to find a great Boost Mobile device that will fit the bill.
It’s one of the reasons why Microsoft is so keen to acquire Nokia’s devices and services business.

The 6-inch display is enormous, but it follows the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Sony Xperia Z Ultra and HTC One Max. No other smartphone manufacturer, aside perhaps from Apple, has created a design language for its hardware that is so consistent, fresh and instantly recognizeable. Admittedly, Lumia smartphones have always been eye-catching and in the past, I’ve taken great pride in carrying such stylish, creative and outlandish phones in my pocket. At this scale though, the Lumia 1520 is a little too loud.
Unlike many Android smartphones, the Lumia 1520 doesn’t pick up any smudges or greasy fingerprints either. The device would’ve benefited from being a little lighter, but given you’ll never be carrying this in your pocket anyway, it’s a minor issue.
The display is clocked at 367 ppi, but this is an incredible device for reading emails, browsing the web, editing photos – just about anything on Windows Phone 8, really. Audio is shallow and tinny, creating an echo effect reminiscent of a church or other high-roofed building. Comparing it to the iPhone is a much closer contest – the iPhone probably takes it by a small margin – but make no mistake, this is a competent shooter.
The icons could be a little clearer – some of the white balance and focusing options are pretty ambiguous, but after a few minutes of trial and error you’ll quickly work out what they all mean. Brightness and contrast were both solid, and it handles macro shots and shallow depth of field pretty effortlessly.
For sharing on Twitter, Facebook and the like that’s fine, but pro and hobbyist photographers should take heed. The result is an active and dynamic Start Screen which is more customizable and informative than its Android and iOS counterparts. Nokia and Microsoft are clearly trying to compensate for the poor selection of third-party Windows Phone 8 apps, but it would be wise to cut down on some of the bloatware. Nevertheless, the range and quality of apps is still far beyond Android and iOS: Nokia is making a valiant effort to plug the gaping holes in Microsoft’s digital marketplace, but it just isn’t enough.
Windows Phone 8 smartphones have never needed the most powerful chipsets to deliver a world-class experience, but the Lumia 1520 is clearly benefiting from the extra muscle.
It’s a well-worn argument, but until Windows Phone 8 can catch up, it’s difficult to recommend the Lumia 1520 over its Android rivals. It runs on the latest Android OS and comes with a feature-packed camera and 4G LTE connectivity, all for a super-low £125 price tag.
The Aquos Crystal has some of the best audio across all of Boost’s offerings, and a battery that can keep up with a hard days work. It’s a bit larger than older models (which isn’t a bad thing) but if you’re all-in with iOS, this is the way to go.
Though those specs aren’t going to blow anybody away, it’s great value given what you’re paying. Lower models are lacking things like LTE, and often times that helps keep the battery powered up even longer during the day.
Just be sure to measure out your pros and cons (battery, camera, display) so you get your money’s worth and a solid device. At times, I would find myself just running my index finger down the back of the device, hunting for a blemish that irked me in some way. Instead, I was more than happy to use the automated brightness adjustments and just let Nokia’s own software and algorithms take control. This one is a bit limited on storage and the camera isn’t the greatest, but the biggest thing you’re missing out on here is LTE. The camera is a bit lacking though, and if you’re a power user you may notice the processor dragging a bit from time to time. So be mindful of how many hours you ask of your phone during a normal day, so you know just what type of phone you may be after.
And if you plan to do much video chatting or take some selfies, you’ll want a solid front-facing camera as well (which some devices don’t have).
Using a prepaid carrier doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the latest tech for a bit of savings, you can get a new device just like on a bigger carrier, but still save money in the long-run. Despite being a new entrant in the market, the Smart ultra 6 did great pulling in all those votes to sit comfortably atop the list in its peer group.HTC Desire 510 The great form factor that we have come to expect from HTC considerably boosts the appearance of this budget handset.
The Moto G is mostly stock Android though, so it won’t be bloated up with extra apps or software you don’t need. It’s not a bad-looking phone, but the larger form factor gives it a comical, almost garish appearance. A good processor and a robust battery, as well as the 4G LTE speeds, endeared the handset to the members of our Consumer Club.Microsoft Lumia 535 Small but mighty and available in a rainbow of colours, this is the lowest priced handset on our shortlist.

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