Next cheapest, similar T-Mobile Android phone that I know of was the $150 one on the HSN website. Prism II is good with video playback (most codecs with no stutter, once you get the VPlayer app), MP3 playback, FM Radio, Candy Crush, texting & having thousands of useful, free Android apps. If there's a simple way to unlock this phone and use it with T-Mobile's prepaid plan, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
Another difference compared to the Prism II, this phone has a front-facing VGA camera - necessary for video chat.

As you might imagine, there are plenty of deals involving our favorite things in the whole wide world, mobile devices. And the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is just $49.99 with a signed two-year contract with Verizon or Sprint. Not only regular prices are much, MUCH lower in US than in EU and we can't count or any big seller to do some price cuts.
Besides, the local news station seems to always be full of reports of people getting arrested or sent to the hospital due to fights over the year's hot ticket items.

Apple Watch buyers will get $100 off models priced from $349 to $699, and Apple iPad mini 4 buyers will also save $100.
Look, there are just so many great deals at Best Buy for Black Friday, that you probably should pay your local store a visit during the sale.

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