Next cheapest, similar T-Mobile Android phone that I know of was the $150 one on the HSN website. Prism II is good with video playback (most codecs with no stutter, once you get the VPlayer app), MP3 playback, FM Radio, Candy Crush, texting & having thousands of useful, free Android apps. If there's a simple way to unlock this phone and use it with T-Mobile's prepaid plan, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
Another difference compared to the Prism II, this phone has a front-facing VGA camera - necessary for video chat. Why choose T Mobile, Verizon, Boost or Sprint when you can Get Free Cell Phones, the best  Wireless, Mobile phones and Deals, the  New Best 2013 Prepaid Plans and learn!

Get a free $20 rebate, plus a free $20 gift card, just for ordering the Samsung Galaxy S3 from Straight Talk. Simply purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3 and get the free gift card from Straight Talk (while supplies last). Reviews of the Galaxy S3 by Samsung, offered on a prepaid, no contract basis, do not come that often with an unlimited bundle for $45 per month that includes unlimited everything, but that is exactly what Straight Talk, has to offer for one of the best new prepaid, no contract smartphones, that they have ever offered. After the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is finished, come back, use our contact us page and tell us about your purchase, to whom and where to send the free $20 rebate and within 90 days, provided you use our direct Samsung Galaxy S3 Straight Talk links to purchase the Galaxy S3, a rebate will arrive!
Sure you could see if it is at Walmart but even if you do, we hope you will not buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 at Walmart and support communist China as you do.

Get free Straight Talk shipping and the best customer service from Straight Talk, using our direct Straight Talk, Samsung Galaxy S3 links and get a free $25 rebate!

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