As a result, it should not be all that surprising to hear it was considered to be fifth largest mobile network in the country before being snapped up by T-Mobile. On paper, MetroPCS offers a solid arrangement of monthly plans that can hold their own against some of the bigger names in the industry. MetroPCS does not offer any daily usage based plans among their list of prepaid cell phone packages. MetroPCS designs their cell phone plans around users that use their mobile devices for more than talking and text messaging. MetroPCS charges $.19 a minute on roaming, which is referred to by the company as TravelTalk. MetroPCS does provide its customers with one of the largest selections of cellular devices among telecoms that provide prepaid wireless service, albeit their collective price tag tends to be a little higher than the competition.
Some customers may find that MetroPCS’ limited network may nullify all of its positive aspects. It provides cellular service under its own name, yet it is owned by the cellular service titan T-Mobile.

However, consumers may find the company’s service lacking when compared to other telecoms that provide prepaid wireless service.
The features that they offer are anchored by the company’s 4G network, which provide easy downloadable access to apps and games, photo uploads, video streaming, and audio streaming. Unlike some of the larger companies whose extensive networks across the country make their own roaming fees a minimal issue, MetroPCS’s network is very limited. Leading this pack of phones is the Samsung Finesse; a high-end phone that contains a lot of the features that MetroPCS’ plans were designed for, including full web capabilities, camera, and music player. Their phone support is knowledgeable about the products and services rendered, and they tend to provide their assistance in a cheerful, upbeat manner. However, the service could be a viable option if the consumer plans on spending most of their time within one of the company’s Home Areas, particularly if the phone is used as more than a calling and texting device. Indeed, some aspects of MetroPCS seem very similar to that of T-Mobile, especially in terms of marketing, as its widespread ad campaigns have made it one of the more recognizable names in the industry. Therefore, the plan tiers are not broken out by phone or text minutes, but by the amount of time per month a consumer can access the company’s 4G data network.

Essentially, unless a customer lives, works, or spends a lot of time in covered regions that the company calls Home Areas, he or she should expect to tack on plenty of roaming charges to their monthly statement.
The company also offers support in the form of live online chat, e-mail, and an exhaustive FAQ section on their website. Once a person maximizes this time, all data downloading capabilities revert to a slower rate of transfer. Even though these Home Areas have been expanded by the company to lessen roaming fees, the regions are still sparse.

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