BSNL has been connecting India from a very long time through it’s Landline Telephone services available all over the country. Identify the Operating area: To identify the operating area of the associated Landline number, go to BSNL STD Code search, enter the STD code of the number (excluding 0 (zero)) and hit Search button.
Now, visit BSNL Online Directory which provides online state-wise Telephone Directory for BSNL Telephone numbers.
Next, you’ll see the BSNL Directory Enquiry portal for that operating area, where you can search BSNL Landline numbers through Name, Telephone Number, Address, Organization, Profession etc.

On the next page, enter the number without STD code in the telephone number field, enter the city (operating area) in the city field and click Search.
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Under that Directory drop-down item, select SSA (if available) and click the link with the name of operating area there. The main advantage of BSNL is that it is reachable in most of the rural areas also, where other telecom services struggle to serve.

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