Earlier I have written about how you can connect internet on Airtel Mobile Office Dialup plan and now I am using BSNL internet dialup as a mobile option and as a backup option incase my BSNL broadband goes down. The user needs to recharge his prepaid BSNL number with a recharge voucher worth of 275 INR. Save all those settings by opening each of those messages by going to options and save configuration details. If everything was done right and there is no issue from BSNL itself then the internet should be ready by now. There will be several access points saved by BSNL (received as messages) which will be bsnlnet, bsnlmms, bsnllive, bsnlportal, bsnlwap and bsnlstream.
I was told by Customer Care account that bsnlnet can be used for connecting to internet on computer and  bsnlive for mobile but for me bsnlnet works on both mobile and computer.
Set bsnlnet as default access point for internet or configure it application wise to use bsnlnet as the access point when connecting to internet.
You should be able to use the internet by now, lets connect the phone to laptop or desktop and use internet on computer by using phone as modem. If you need any further assistance then I would suggest you contact BSNL Customer Care at +919414024365.
Sir actually i have bsnl connection but not able to connect internet through dial up networking my hand set is nokia 6120 classic . I have reinstalled driver dozen of times, even in compatibility mode,they install just fine. The monthly subscription charges of Rs 30 are charged at the time of PRBT activation and PRBT renewal.
The song selection charges of Rs 12 are charged on selection of any new song or renewal of the song. This is a special billing feature exclusively for Pre Paid customers who want to enjoy the PRBT service but do not have sufficient balance to pay the monthly subscription charges of Rs 30.
In this feature if a customer requests for PRBT activation or at the time of PRBT subscription renewal if the customer account balance is less than Rs 25 then based on the balance available a pre defined amount of Rs 7 is left and the remaining (x-Rs7 where in x is the customers account balance) is charged to the customer and corresponding days of service is provided. If the customer has balance of lesser then Rs 7 then Rs 1 will be deducted and 1 day service will be provided. Example 1: If the customers account balance is Rs 58 then Rs 25 for PRBT monthly subscription and Rs 12 for song selection are charged to the customer and one month of service is provided.
Example 2: If the customers account balance is Rs 20 then Rs 13 for PRBT subscription is charged to the customer and 13 days of service is provided. Example 3: If the customers account balance is Rs 5 then Rs 1 for daily PRBT subscription is charged to the customer and 1 day of service is provided.
You can also avail the BSNL Tunes Bada Subscription pack if you are interested in taking longer duration subscription. BSNL Tunes chota subscription packs are also available for users who do not want to spend upfront monthly charges.

Example: If you want to download a latest Hindi song, then you can dial 56700, enter the Hindi category and select the latest songs category and search for the required song. You can also search and set the song that you are looking for from a Toll free SMS search service. You can also activate and set BSNL tunes service by selecting a song via OBD which is a promotion call that you receive from the PRBT system and listen to various songs. Just connect to the following WAP link from your GPRS enabled mobile and select your BSNL Tune from a vast library of songs. By UdaipurTimes Team on January 19, 2011Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service will be available nationwide from tomorrow, January 20, 2010.
MNP is going to be a boon for lot of people who are not satisfied with their existing service provider. You will immediately receive a message from your existing operator with a 8 digit alpha-numeric porting code. As per Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), charges for porting mobile number from any operator can be Rs.19 or less. Can a post-paid number be migrated to another operator with prepaid services or vice-versa? This facility is not available at present since Indian government has launched MNP only for mobile phone users. Nice post with good amount of info about MNP,can you also tell us the benefits and losses of the mnp. Few operators even offering freebies or compensation for lower quality of service or delay in service delivery. In any case, after completing this tutorial, your internet didn’t work then I would suggest connecting it will bsnlive or bsnlwap.
I admit that they sometimes talk and suggest weird but they are the one logging complaints and providing support. Your internet will start working both on iphone and on your computer I use MYWI app for internet tethering. For further information search “configure access point on ” on Google and that should give you some success. Now entertain your callers with your favorite BSNL Tune instead of the regular tring tring.
Right from Evergreen to latest you can find your tunes by Just sending an SMS to 56799 and you can set is as your BSNL Tune.
PRBT is a service in which you can select a jingle as the RBT instead of normal tring tring. North zone includes seven circles of BSNL namely Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP East and UP West & UAL.
Just call your friend, and while the Tune is playing, simply press the * key and 9 from your BSNL Mobile.

Just search for your favorite song from the various options available on this site and set it as your BSNL Tune.
With the help of MNP you need not worry about updating your friends, relatives and colleagues with your new number.Here is sneak peek into MNP service.
All network providers are definitely going to provide some freebies in order to lure the customers. But, at present all operators are running a limited period offer where they are providing lot of freebies. When I upgraded to windows7, the modem is not detected.The CD provided by BSNL does not have windows7 drivers. I didn’t find packet data in Samsung Phone but i defined access point in connections under Network settings. BSNL, Aircel and BPL Mobile were amongst a number of other telecom companies to partner with Yahoo. Choose from Bollywood to International hits, Devotional to instrumental, Regional Tunes and more. You will receive a call with the list of superhit songs which will be played for you and from that select the one which is your Favorite and set is as your BSNL Tune by selecting the number on which the superhit Song is played, by just pressing *9 the song is selected. Do away with the boring old 'Tring Tring' and greet your callers with your favorite tunes.
You can select the Movie name from the movie list, select your album then the song and set it as your BSNL Tune.
Meanwhile if the customer recharges his her account and Rs 12 is charged then the customer requested song is played. If you do not have BSNL Tune activated on your BSNL phone, pressing * key and 9 will automatically activate the service for subscription. For others select which connects the mobile as if its a mobile device only and not like to behave like a USB storage device (pen-drive or thumb-drive). With BSNL Tunes you can set popular tunes as your BSNL Tune and make your callers groove to your favorite tune. Device show no network access and the modem connect only EDGE not GPRS .after the connection the network change automaticly EDGE to GPRS, GPRS to EDGE.
Select from the largest collection available across categories like Bollywood, Regional, International, Instrumental and much more.

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