We are able to supply both single analogue PSTN lines, and business grade PSTN-multi-lines either by seamlessly switching them from another BT based supplier, or by arranging for new lines to be installed.
We route our calls through Tier 1 carriers ensuring that the quality is second to none, but we also able to provide low cost solutions free from gimmicks. In essence it provides you with one phone number that multiple phone lines are attached to in the same building. All calls are fully itemised, not just calls over a certain spend, and include the time of the call, destination, duration and cost.
We can normally arrange for your new line to be installed and operational within 3-8 working days depending on available appointment slots. For those who would like to appear in the BT Phone Book we can provide you with a free directory listing.
Welcome to Telephone Engineer Birmingham, one of the leading telephone engineering companies in Birmingham and its surrounding areas. We specialize in not only businesses but also residential faults from socket installation, line cabling and telephone set ups to system fault fixtures, telephone fitting and programming as well as any other issues which will need a telephone engineer in Birmingham to be called out.
If it's a local telephone engineer in Birmingham you're looking for then you've came to the right place! The Flagship of the Converse range, 2300 features include new full duplex hands-free, LCD screen with caller ID and 100 name and number directory.The Converse 2300 also has BT's energy efficient 'Switch mode' power supply unit.
We can complete everything from you from arranging the appointments, adding additional features, or supporting you should a fault occur.
We can provide valuable insights into your phone usage and back your business up with first class levels of support when you need us most. A complete list of features and associated costs can be found using the 'Additional Features' tab above.

It allows you to make and receive multiple calls without necessarily attaching a PBX or upgrading to ISDN. These are updated every 24 hours providing you an up-to-date insight into the calls being made. ICUK can provide you with broadband on your lines, and with some packages provide a simultaneous activation with your new line.
This can provide you with new customers, or simply aid those who have forgotten your number. Using the very latest WLR3 platform from Openreach ensures we have powerful diagnostic tools and the ability to pick appointments whilst you are on the call to us.
We cover all around the midlands and even on the outskirts allowing us to provide a quality service at a low affordable price. With our ex-BT engineers you can guarantee your fault to be fixed professionally and quickly. We can give you an instant quote once presented with your most recent line rental bill, want to find out more? The majority of faults are resolved the same day, but this is dependent on the severity and complexity of the fault.
Should any customer which to be listed ex-directory this is also possible without any additional cost.
The company is trying to change that perception with its new Vonage Mobile apps for iOS and Android and these offer the ability to make free international and domestic calls, as well as enable you to call others for cheaper rates. This is a very crowded space though, so how did Vonage do?Read on for the full review of the Vonage Mobile app. If the recipient also has the Vonage Mobile app or the Vonage home service, the calls or text are free.

If you're calling a landline or cell phone without the service, you'll have to pay some money but Vonage is pushing the fact that it's prices are cheaper than something like Skype - Vonage says its prices are roughly 30 percent lower than Skype. You can purchase blocks of Vonage credit though in-app purchases, so buying more calling time is just a few clicks away.One thing I like is that the Vonage Mobile app can easily sync with your address book to find contacts and unlike some high-profile apps out there, it actually asks for your permission to do it.
Another cool feature is that you can set up your actual mobile number as your Vonage Mobile number, so when you're calling friends and family, they can immediately notice that it's you.
There are different tabs on your contact page within the app so it's easy to invite people to use it and to identify which of your friends use the app and are eligible for free calls and texts.Vonage is also touting its high-definition Codecs that it uses to provide some super-clear calls and I've heard this first-hand multiple times. I called a friend of mine in Korea who downloaded the app and he sounded quite clear even though I was using Verizon's 3G. Competitors Skype and Tango offer video calling from your phone and I missed this feature in the Vonage Mobile app.
I wouldn't be surprised to see Vonage implement this down the road, too.As for the design of the app, it's straight forward and gets the job done but I wouldn't have minded a bit more flair in it.
Still, the Vonage Mobile app is free and provides an excellent service if you make lots of international calls. For more information about Vonage Mobile, please visit Vonage’s site and you can see it in action on YouTube. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook ( 11 shares ) Back to top ▴ Amma248 If I use Vonage on my iPhone to call from Canada to a land line in the UK that does not use Vonage does it cost the recipient to receive my call?

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