There’s no way to sign in with a Google+ account, which I feel is a bit of a missed opportunity, but many users will turn to their Facebook accounts as it is. One of the kew features of Sync.ME is the ability to display a profile picture when they ring. The same goes for the Caller ID settings as well, which is one of the main draws of Sync.ME, especially for those with busy LinkedIn networks, it can really make a difference. Sync.ME keeps all this information together is a sort of Google Now-esque dashboard, with all the new updates from contacts as well as recent calls.
With a long, long list of helpful features Sync.ME is a rare app in that it does quite a lot, but the user has to do very little to get the most out of it. Stops spam calls while also giving you the ability to control which numbers are blocked and which aren’t.

Caller ID function makes it nice and simple to know who is ringing you, with the help of LinkedIn it can really help bring order to the chaos of all those contacts. Covering Facebook, LinkedIn and your own contacts, Sync.ME has a lot to work with, and it can help to display better images when someone rings thanks to its innovative Caller ID functions. You can choose to block some common culprits as well as manually define numbers of your own. It’s really easy to get to grips with and while I wish there was a Google+ option, many more of my friends are on Facebook and the LinkedIn option works great as well.
With Sync.ME you can also block spam numbers, block certain numbers of your choosing and do the same for SMS messages, helping you to keep your device clean. Now, for me, I would have liked to have seen a Google+ option within the app as I really don’t like using Facebook for anything.

All-in-all, this is an app that will prevent headaches, keep you informed and weed out those pesky spam callers and help you block other numbers of your choice.
For those with a busy life on Facebook and a lot of work stuff going on where LinkedIn is concerned, Sync.ME makes a lot of sense and will bring order to the chaos of a busy, connected lifestyle.
The spammer function is really quite helpful too, as it makes it nice and easy to avoid nuisance calls, thanks to others that have flagged the same number.

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