The phone rings and when you look at the caller ID you see something very strange—it's showing your telephone number. A phone fraudster might also do this hoping to beat the new call-screening services now being used by millions of people. Nomorobo has now adjusted its call-screening algorithms, as have other similar services, to flag or block incoming calls that appear to be from that same phone number. At PrivacyStar, a free service to stop annoying telemarketing calls on wireless devices, they've spotted another new twist—spoofing the phone number so that it's nearly identical to yours, with only the last digit or two being different.
Many service providers today use cheap unreliable Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology to deliver phone calls. Personalize each message for the intended recipient with realistic human sounding text to speech (TTS). VoiceShot's interactive automated opt out feature allows your call recipients to instantly opt out of future calls via a simple key press. VoiceShot patient appointment reminder calls includes all the features of VoiceShot Outbound. Ask about VoiceShot's Toll Free service that allows you to setup an interactive Toll Free information hotline so callers can listen, interact and respond to pre-recorded messages that you create. A recent Fusion video showed how a hacker could take over someone's online account using nothing but a phone.

It all starts with "spoofing" a numberA a€” a tactic of changing the phone number seen on a caller IDA a€” and we found it's surprisingly easy to do. For a hacker trying toA gain access to someone's online accounts, spoofing the call number is justA step one in a social engineering play to convince a customer service representative they are legitimate. Surprisingly, spoofing phone numbers isn't necessarily illegal a€” though the test example from Clark certainly would be.
While SpoofcardA may be easy to use, the service told The Wall Street Journal in 2010 it frownedA upon illegal usage and often complied with law enforcement requests, including subpoenas from the NSA. These services, including Nomorobo, PrivacyStar, Truecaller and WhitePages, rely on blacklists of known robocallers and illegal telemarketers to help block unwanted calls. He figured out the new spoofing tactic after getting thousands of calls from Nomorobo users.
Those who opt out are added to your accounts Do Not Call list and automatically removed from future call campaigns. In the Fusion example, a hacker named Jessica Clark spoofs her target's number and then pretends to be his wife, taking complete control over his cell phone account in a matter of minutes.
The FCC only prohibits someone from using a misleading caller ID number if their intent is to defraud, cause harm, or obtain anything of value. The tactic has been used in the past by "swatters" who call police to reportA hostageA crisis hoaxes, so armed police respond at an unsuspecting victim's door.

It's even been used to break into people's voicemail boxes, which often do notA require a passwordA if called from the phone number associated with it. Definately better than the other option of wailing buzzes.After completing my morning rituals I gather up all my equipment, which I pre-staged by the door last night, and head out to my truck. Kyosho is here, up the hill from Associated, along with AKA Tires, nobody knows what secrets they have planned. And as a great follow up to that JJ is going home with the 3rd place plaque!Team Big Squid takes 1st and 3rd. Tired, sweaty, and wreaking of nitro exhaust and dirt, I shamble over to my truck and start heading home. I decide that the lack of spectatorship is due to the fact that there’s, not one, but two full-scale automotive events this weekend that are normally HUGE draws each on their own.

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