When text messages are sent in TeamSnap, we utilize true SMS for most of our customers in North America.
In order to receive alerts via SMS, please login to your team’s account and click on the Roster Tab. If your company is still not on our list, we either have not been able to obtain an SMS address or they do not provide one for their customers. Though you can receive team messages as text messages, we recommend using alerts if you’re an iOS customer. NOTE:  Mobile providers in the UK and Australia are no longer providing this free service to their customers, so TeamSnap text messaging is not available in these areas. SalesCan your houses be ordered in a "mirror image" of the floor plan?I am considering the purchase of a used Skyline manufactured home. 219 of 262 found this information helpful.I am considering the purchase of a used Skyline manufactured home. 47 of 66 found this information helpful.Do you manufacture tag on rooms to add to an existing manufactured home?At this time we do not build tag on rooms for existing homes. 217 of 291 found this information helpful.What is the difference between a manufactured home and a mobile home?The differences between the two are the codes in which they are built. 88 of 96 found this information helpful.Does Skyline sell garages?Skyline manufactures homes which are then sold through independent retailers.
34 of 109 found this information helpful.Where can I find the value for my manufactured home?You will need to contact an appraiser in your area who works with manufactured homes or contact a dealer who works with trade-ins.
22 of 30 found this information helpful.How can I find a listing of the nearest dealers to me?
29 of 31 found this information helpful.Does Skyline offer mobile homes for rent?Many of our independent retailers offer rent-to-own packages that may serve your needs.
21 of 25 found this information helpful.Can I buy a Skyline product in Canada?Yes, Skyline products are available throughout Canada.
8 of 9 found this information helpful.Has Skyline ever used Chinese drywall in the construction of homes. 29 of 32 found this information helpful.The previous owner lost my appliance manuals can I get replacements? 24 of 32 found this information helpful.I have a breaker box called a Trilliant, can I get replacement breakers? 19 of 30 found this information helpful.Why does my smoke alarm beep periodically?Check the battery, if OK check 110V. 34 of 53 found this information helpful.I would like to remodel my home can Skyline do this? If the paper has been removed you can find the serial number stamped in to the frame next to where the hitch is or was.
18 of 18 found this information helpful.I heard that GE has issued a recall on certain dishwashers. Formaldehyde is a chemical found in many products used to build residential and commercial structures. Numerous consumer products and industrial processes such as particle board furniture, dry cleaning, permanent press fabrics, beauty supply products including nail polish, deodorants and shampoo, paint and many other products use or contain formaldehyde. Prior to January 1, 2008, recreational vehicles did not require the use of low-emitting formaldehyde products. The level of formaldehyde in the indoor air of any home, building, or rv is dependent in large part upon temperature, humidity and ventilation. Our warranty provides you with true peace-of-mind when you move into your new Skyline home. Protect your investment and enjoy many wonderful years in your new Skyline Home with Skycare Program. Skyline Homes now produces factory-built Canadian housing that are built to CSAZ240 code and are A277 Certified. If you have a locally-hosted version of a web site for testing or development, you’ll almost certainly want to test it on a mobile device.
How can you test the site using the same URL on a mobile device (that is, a real mobile device, not an emulator)—without jailbreaking the device, using a DNS server, or paying for additional software?

However some web sites don’t like being accessed with a mixture of different hostnames—perhaps because they use absolute links or some kind of host header validation.
If you have access to a DNS server—perhaps there’s one in your router—then great, all devices can use that instead of a local hosts entry.
What if you don’t want to jailbreak the mobile device, and you can’t edit its local hosts file?
The standard solution is to run an HTTP proxy server on the computer where the site is running, and then configure the mobile device to use the proxy. There are already good instructions on how to do this—on Mac OS X you can use the Charles web debugging proxy, and on Windows you can use a free HTTP proxy called Fiddler.
But the Charles Mac web proxy is not free: at the time of writing a single-user license costs $50.
But what if all you want to do is view the site on a mobile device to see how it looks and behaves? The solution I’ll describe uses a free and simple standalone proxy called SquidMan, which is a friendly Mac front-end to the popular Unix caching proxy Squid.
However, the overall principle can be applied using any HTTP proxy—just replace Steps 2 and 3 with the proxy of your choice. The next step is to install the HTTP proxy on the machine where the local site is running, which in this case will be SquidMan.
The first time you run SquidMan, it may prompt for admin credentials so that it can install some system stuff.
OS X may also ask you Do you want the application “squid” to accept incoming network connections? On the Clients tab, enter the IP address (or IP address range) of the clients you want to be allowed to use the proxy, in this case your mobile devices. Alternatively, you can specify a range of IP addresses, which is especially useful if you have multiple devices.
The reason for this piece of configuration being enabled by default is that the normal usage pattern for an HTTP proxy is to use it to access content hosted elsewhere, not on the same machine as the proxy. Next, you need to tell Squid where your hosts file is, by adding the directive shown below. The IP Address of the proxy is simply be the local IP address of the Mac on which you installed SquidMan, which you can find in System Preferences > Network > IP Address. The specific steps required to configure your mobile device to use this proxy depend on the mobile OS—the instructions below are for iOS, but other mobile OS’s should be similar. Scroll to the HTTP Proxy section at the bottom, tap Manual, and enter the proxy’s IP Address in the Server field and Port in the Port field. After this is done, you should be able to sync all your local site’s bookmarks between your Mac and mobile device(s), and the site should be fully operational using the same locally-defined URLs on all devices. This entry was posted in technology and tagged HTTP proxy, Mac OS X, mobile, testing by egalojames. Hi Marko, are you saying the site is working on the computer using a locally defined hostname, but you get that error on the mobile device using the exact same URL? Weird : it seems to work without Squidman on my MBP which has MAMP Pro installed and running.
Problem: Squid is mashing together several iterations of the destination URL when attempting to resolve it. If you are able to obtain this email to SMS address, we would be happy to support the phone provider you list. To add a room to your existing home it is necessary to contact a local carpenter.Was this information helpful? Mobile homes were manufactured in the early 70's and conformed to local codes in force at the time.
You can find a list of our retailers in your location by clicking on the "Locate A Retailer" button above.Was this information helpful? How do we get new ones?Please visit the Institute for Building Technology and Safetys website.
If one or the other fails the smoke alarm will beep to let you know one is not functioning.Was this information helpful?

Can I obtain some information of types of doors and that they will be the correct size?Most doors and windows are available at your local hardware store such as Lowes or Home Depot.Was this information helpful? How can I tell if my diswasher has been recalled?GE has a website that will provide the answer regarding your dishwasher. Can you provide more information regarding formaldehyde usage in Skyline products?Skyline Corporation is concerned about the safety of our customers and wants to provide this useful information regarding formaldehyde usage in the products we build.
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulates the building of manufactured homes. In that case, you’d need to configure the site to use that IP address on all devices, even the computer.
But in a typical home network-type environment, running your own DNS server may not be feasible. But many mobile devices don’t allow this, or else are locked down by the carrier to prevent it. This might might be worth it if you want to use Charles’ advanced debugging features to intercept the HTTP traffic between client and server.
In this case you need to allow incoming connections, because the incoming connections to Squid will be from other devices on your network.
Your router probably assigns IP addresses from a fixed range according to its DHCP settings. Instead, SquidMan automatically generates this file when you start Squid, based on what you put in the Template tab in the UI.
Hence, if you want Squid to serve files hosted on the same machine as itself you need to remove the constraint by commenting out this directive.
Thanks to Tomek Augustyn for pointing this out (for some reason it wasn’t necessary on my machine). For a while, it remembers your settings so that all you have to do is tap Manual to turn it on again. Virtual host does work when accessed from computer and Squid works too with all external sites. Manufactured homes are built to Federal HUD codes which in some cases are more stringent than local building codes.Was this information helpful? Pls tell me what this means.In the early 1990’s the Bonneville Power Administration, (BPA), in conjunction with the State of Oregon, tested and developed criteria for a more energy efficient home package. Depending on your situation, this may not be ideal—and besides, it doesn’t look great. For example, iOS requires you to jailbreak the device before you can view or edit its local hosts file. Note that several commenters reported below that using .local as your top-level domain may not work for this purpose.
Do you think the mobile device can connect to Squid, but Squid can’t connect to the web site?
For some bizarre reason I can only view my local sites in the default Android browser and not Opera Mini. Pls tell me what this means.Does Skyline offer mobile homes for rent?Can I buy a Skyline product in Canada?Has Skyline ever used Chinese drywall in the construction of homes. Heat ducts, windows, exterior doors, and skylights had to meet more stringent criteria as well for the Super Good Sense standards.
The standards of the new Energy Star homes were developed by incorporating many of the standards of the Super Good Sense. Can I obtain some information of types of doors and that they will be the correct size?How do I find more information regarding polybutylene plumbing used in home construction?I would like to remodel my home can Skyline do this?

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