There are literally thousands of great cell phone specials ranging from iPhone and Samsung to Blackberry and Nokia.
Filter phone contracts by Minutes, Data, Price, Manufacturer, SMS or price plans (straight plan or top up plan). If you need a static IP and don't have an internet connection or suffer from an unreliable one, you can now grab your own public IPs for whatever you need them for. The hardware is included in each deal, and you can run your VPN or servers to your heart's content with the 5 static IPs that are provided. This deal has expired - it was valid until 9 August 2015 and is unfortunately no longer available. Phonefinder compares every cell phone deal in South Africa; listing all South African Smartphone and Cellphone Deals and upgrades which are on offer from Vodacom, MTN, CellC, Virgin Mobile, Nashua Mobile and Autopage Cellular.

Phonefinder is updated every month so that you always get the latest deals at affordable prices so that you can start saving money.
The ideal contract for you may be at the Vodacom store, then again it may be at the Cell C store. Many types of applications need a static IP, such as many CCTV systems, Voice over IP setups and more, and as we know in SA our IPs change fairly often unless you purchase a package with fixed IPs.
These packages have built-in failover as well to make sure you never suffer from internetlessness, and your bandwidth is unshaped as well - and no need to sign any contracts as they're month to month! Phonefinder lists all 5000 deals on one website, all the MTN packages all the Vodacom specials all the Telkom phones - on one website! That was the assessment this week of staffers at Cell C, including a number of women, after Dos Santos's remarks in a radio interview caused an outcry.

The company said on Friday that it has cut the price of its home and office broadband LTE offerings by up to 64% as part of a promotion that ends on 31 May. This is according to a new “policy brief” from Research ICT Africa, which has found that South Africa’s smaller operators have increased the value they give to contract subscribers.

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