Vodacom has said that it treats Cell C’s 08419 number range the same as other Cell C numbers on retail level – but is not happy with paying local termination fees for a service used for transit calls to international destinations. Cell C’s executive head of regulatory affairs, Mothibi Ramusi, however, said that they are not aware of any dispute with Vodacom. The looming battle between Vodacom and Cell C on wholesale termination rates for the 08419 number range, follows MTN’s decision to cut off the 08419 number range from its network. Two weeks ago MTN cut off the 08419 Cell C number range, making it impossible for its subscribers to reach those Cell C numbers.
Cell C said that it was only made aware of MTN’s decision to block its subscribers from using Cell C’s value-added services, located in the 08419 range, on 22 February 2012 – a few days after MTN’s action. MTN was asked about its decision to cut Cell C’s 08419 number range, but the company would not comment on the matter.

Rudolph MullerRudolph Muller is the editor at MyBroadband and covers telecoms and broadband news. This is simply bringing value to the consumer which we all know is totally counter to the big networks business policy.
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How to find someone for free by cell phone number, Ever wondered how to find someone for free by cell phone number? They are talking about interconnect fees, got nothing to do with roaming… To terminate a call on another network, the operator has to pay that network a fee.

If someone can make an international call for less than the termination fee, how much money are the networks making on an international call?
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