The citizens of Hyderabad raised money to build it to mark the 40th birthday of Nizam Mahboob Ali Khan in 1905. This white gem of Hyderabad's architectural splendour was designed by specially-commissioned architects, who travelled through Rajasthan after the Nizam returned tremendously impressed by the beautiful palaces there. This blend of Rajasthani and Persian architecture was the home of the 295 seat Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

The architecture adopted for the exterior elevation to the new building is the same as that of the Old Building, leaving no scope for differentiation between the two buildings. The idea to have a new building to house the Legislative Assembly was conceived by Dr. M Chenna Reddy, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, who laid the foundation stone on 19th March, 1980. Though the actual size of the statue is the same as its replica in the Parliament premises, the statue her is taller because of its 6-foot pedestal. The words My Life is My Message are inscribed on the pedestal of the Statue.

55 lakhs have been spent for the installation of the statue. The Statue was unveiled by His Excellence, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Dr.

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