If you wish to change the language or use the original language later, please refer to the header or footer for more language options. If you drop your cell phone in the toilet, it is possible to save it from complete destruction.
Once you retrieve your phone, remove the battery immediately without stopping to turn the power off. According to a report by BBC News in October 2008, a man aboard a train in France tried to save his cell phone from the toilet and discovered that he was no match for the toilet's suction system. Sometimes people drop their cell phone in the toilet, don't notice its absence immediately, and flush. If you drop your cell phone in the toilet, you can try taking it to the manufacturer for a replacement. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
Cell phone batteries have come a long way since the first smartphones, but we're demanding more of the devices that double as our navigators, cameras and media centers.
However, Android phones let you fine tune how your battery is used to a level not possible with iPhones. Many Android apps, including social networks, weather apps and news apps, come with widgets that sit handily on the home screen for real-time updates.
Getting real-time updates of what's going on in your apps is handy for things like email or social networks, but many apps automatically demand permission to send notifications as well for reasons that are much less useful. Another alternative is to keep app notifications on but decrease how frequently the app syncs and checks for changes such as new messages, extra game coins or updated weather stats.
Most apps track your location and therefore use more battery power than strictly necessary by accessing your GPS. Keeping Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and cellular data turned on means your phone is constantly scanning for these connections whether or not it's connected.
According to Google Support, phone calls made in a moving car take up more power because the phone needs to transfer its signal between cellular towers. Keep an eye on and tweak display brightness, Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular connections and auto-sync from the Power Control widget.
Who doesn't love the weather widget that tells the time and the temperature in one handy, live-updating home screen box? If you're running low on battery power, dimming the screen makes a good temporary fix until you can get to a charger, no matter what sort of display technology your phone uses. You can save a little bit of battery power many times over by decreasing the length of time your phone remains idle before its display automatically goes dark. Top-end Android phones, including the HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Moto X, have a Power Saving Mode that restricts some features in order to extend battery life. Newer phones such as the HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3 also have an ultra and  extreme power-saving modes in which data connections turn off when the screen is off, notifications, GPS, Auto Sync and Bluetooth are off, and only essential apps such as text messaging, email and the clock are allowed to run.
When Android Lollipop 5.0 becomes available, its battery saver feature will extend the battery life of your device up to 90 minutes, says a Google rep.

According to the Battery University blog by Cadex Electronics, phone batteries degrade much faster when they’re hot, whether you're using the phone or it's idle.
The best way to maintain smartphone batteries is to keep your phone battery more than 40% charged. Whether updates are intended for downloaded apps or the Android OS itself, they generally include bug fixes and tweaks that improve performance, including how efficiently battery is used. PLEASE DO VISIT OUR DEEP CYCLE BATTERY AND DC PARTS SPONSOR BD BATTERIES --> For Details, Click Here!!! Contact UpS How A UPS Works Surge Protector vs UPS Power Disruptions Defined Battery Banks are Power Tanks UL Safe, AGM Batteries YOU use UPS Already! Similar to the battery backup system under your computer desk, a cell phone tower has the battery systems to take AC power from the power grid, and charge a battery with DC power. When building cell phone towers, engineers often request DC systems, running on 12, 24, 36, or 48 volt systems to reduce the cost of inverting the current from AC - DC to clean, and back to AC for equipment compliance.
They are the property of their respective owners, and we arenot authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks. Click on the link in the e-mail to activate and start receiving free alerts when new products are posted! However, the longer the phone is immersed in water, the less chance you have of salvaging it. More than 850,000 cell phones were dropped in the toilet last year in the United Kingdom alone.
The man was stuck in the train's toilet and, hours later, emergency workers had to take apart the entire toilet to free his arm. Larger models may survive the toilet's current, but smaller phones typically go down the pipes and can cause serious plumbing problems. However, there is a feature on cell phones that the manufacturer will look at to determine the cause of the device's problems.
Here the key ways you can extend your Android phone’s battery life without having to change the way you use the phone (too much). If an app you don't use often seems to take up a disproportionate amount of power, consider uninstalling it.
However, widgets are battery drainers due to their constant syncing with the mother ship or power-sucking animations.
Head to Settings > Location to see which apps are tracking you, then tap each to turn it off.
Turn off the connections until you need them by swiping down from the top of your phone, tapping your device's equivalent of Quick Settings, then toggling the relevant icons. This widget comes preloaded on most Android devices, but if you don’t see yours in your Widgets section, head to the Play Store to download it. If you've loaded yours up with cities where you've been vacationing, that widget could be contributing to heavy battery drain. Snatch back some of that battery juice by choosing a dark background so that fewer pixels need to be lit up.

Pull down the notifications menu, find the brightness slider and drag it to the very dimmest display level you're comfortable with. Head to Settings > Display to adjust Screen timeout to, say, 10 seconds rather than an interval like 30 minutes (which you may have chosen if you were doing something like using the phone for a recipe). Head to Settings > Saver (or Power Saver), where you can also fine tune specifics such as whether or not to conserve CPU power, screen brightness or vibration feedback and choose whether or not to turn off data connection when the phone is asleep.
New power controls will also include an estimate of the time remaining before you need to charge.
Constantly allowing the battery to go from completely full to completely empty can damage it and decrease its capacity over time. No longer does the patchwork of phone cables to the handset in your hand carry the signal to the person on the other end. By charging a battery at it's "FLOAT" voltage, just like under your desk, the battery is charged at the "FULL" voltage, no more. Often remotely initiated and monitored, battery exercising requires the battery chargers to be turned off, the batteries to be discharged a bit (say 25% - 30%), and then recharged at the ABSORPTION voltage. Although you can dry the battery thoroughly and try to reuse it in your phone, a better option is to invest in a new battery. If you don't need a permanent window into the Facebook news feed or regular updates on the weather, remove the superfluous widget by pressing and holding it, then dragging it to the trash can icon. On the flip side, leaving your phone plugged in when it's completely full can also degrade the battery.
Because the batteries float, they are always ready in case the charger is removed from the system. The abosorption voltage (higher than the float voltage), forces the batteries to full charge and ensures a long life installation. Cell-phone batteries are relatively inexpensive, and replacing the old, water-damaged battery prevents it from leaking battery acid in the future. However, more often than not, you will have to unbolt the toilet from the floor to pry out the cell phone and fix the plumbing problem. Most manufacturers will not replace a cell phone if it is malfunctioning because of water damage. A UPS is Emergency Power - Hurricanes = No Power - Light show = Power Outage - Blackout - San Diego DIY UPS Checklist Why another UPS? Cell phone towers, those funny looking trees, antennaes on the sides of tall buildings, and towers a top mountains in every neighborhood around the world all run on battery backup systems.
Each of these installations has enough battery power on site to run the system for at least several hours.
These battery systems ensure adequate communication from your personal, portable, phone to the network of phone cables, fiber channels, and telecom networks the world over.

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