Dolphin Automation & Technology is a growing high-tech automation & telecom company which specializes in R&D, manufacturing and sales of wireless telecommunication terminals and solutions. This high quality signal jamming blocker will fit in the palm of your hand, or comfortably in your pocket. The Signal Jammer brand only offers the best quality merchandise for sale that we stand behind; don't settle for cheap imitations of this product.
Just arrived took about three weeks not to bad considering its from China no tracking number but happy it arrived in a nice bubble wrapped package, workes tested at home from ten feet, will be buying from them again very happy with it. I needed something to increase efficiency as cell phone usage was cutting into productivity.
It works great my mother has a GSM mytouch 4G from t mobile it requires me to get a little closer to jam due to the t mobile towers in my area are closer to me then sprints. Was sick of customers smart phone apps barcoding items then beating me up on the price~ NO MORE! This unit is great- stopped folks in staff meeting from cruising the internet on their smartphones. You know, the ones that insist on screaming in a public place or the ones in elevators, works great.
I was wondering if the cheapest unit that didn't have all the stub antennas sticking out the top would really work. When the indoor Vktech CDMA 850MHz Cell Phone Signal Repeater Booster Amplifier + Yagi Antenna Kit  receives the signal from your phone or data card, reinforcement amplifies the signal and transmits it through the antenna wire outdoors and then to the cell tower. Outdoor Yagi antenna receives the downlink signal from the base station and the mini repeater amplifies the signal power. Uplink signals of mobile phones are transmitted via the repeater relay antenna in the Vktech CDMA 850MHz Cell Phone Signal Repeater Booster Amplifier + Yagi Antenna Kit by amplification of low noise uplink signal to the base station is transmitted through the donor end. Vktech CDMA 850MHz Cell Phone Signal Repeater Booster Amplifier + Yagi Antenna Kit has a repeater miniature with its unique compact, light weight, easy installation, small interference in the network, reliability and stability of the unique ADVAN-tages, has been widely, especially suitable for indoor coverage construction area of the city modern.

The miniature relay is mainly used in office buildings, shopping malls shop-ping, large lot of underground parking, exhibition center, workshop. Wilson Electronics DB Pro 4G Indoor 4G Cellular Signal Booster Kit for The Entire Home works with all companies. Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily phonetone can't take your order(s). Buyers can receive a refund and keep the item(s) once the item(s) are not as described or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with the seller.
Zboost Triband Verizon 4g Cell Phone Signal BoosterzBoost TRIO SOHO cell phone signal booster boosts indoor signal for voice and Verizon 4G data signals up to 2,500 sq. Zboost Triband 4g 3g Cell Phone Signal BoosterzBoost TRIO SOHO Xtreme solves missed and dropped calls inside your larger indoor spaces.
Our best seller has no external antennas to break, is loaded with great features, and is smaller than the typical cell phone. Purchase your cell phone blocker today and enjoy and enjoy renewed privacy and peace and quiet. Use it at minimal duration possible, else, you might accidentally jam a real emergency call nearby.
It is funny as he** to turn it on in a store and watch peoples reactions when their phone no longer works - lol - just don't get caught.
After spending two hours next to two adults who were using their cell phone in a movie theater - I was mad.
One is the internal antenna that communicates with the data card or laptop cell phone, and another is the external antenna that communicates with the cell tower. And the best is the external signal, the greater coverage of the internal antenna can create.
The indoor antenna relay the signal, which covers the user’s home or office is transmitted.

Signal using a small old building will cover power within more uniform, reducing the cost of inputs. The zBoost TRIO SOHO Xtreme boosts Verizon 4G LTE as well as voice and text for all major carriers.
Inside rechargeable li-ion battery can work 2-5 hours continuously, and also you can charge by AC adapter at home or by car charger. I love the look of confusion on the faces of other drivers when their hand-held phones aren't working! The phone does not show any signs of signal loss or malfunction so the user just assumes it is his or her service. There is great satisfaction to be able to quiet someone who is loudly talking on their phone.
This company is prompt, professional, and courteous and I will be ordering another stronger unit. Features cellular repeaters, amplifiers, boosters, and antennas for improving cell phone reception and amplifying cell phone signal. I thought my daughter also wanted one for her kids, who constantly text during inappropriate times. Cell Phone Repeater - 40 results like the Cell Phone Car Mount Passive Repeater Antenna, Wilson 801247 Signal Boost DT Repeater Kit, Digital Antenna DIGITAL 60DB. But she wanted it for the theater, where you see dozens of little lit screens which distract from the movie experience. Our residential and commercial indoor antenna booster and repeater systems are designed to increase wireless signals for cell phones, PDAs and 3G laptop.

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