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If you have unconditional love for your phone, then we recommend ignoring this article altogether—things may never be the same between you and your phone again should you read.
Despite being the size of a Porsche key, this phone somehow manages to support both MP3 and MP4 playback, bluetooth connectivity, and the ability to listen to FM radio. Claiming to not only be the world's smallest phone, but also to be made of 100 percent pure plastic, it's unclear as to who actually made the Zanco Fly Phone in the first place. Or least that's what it was called on Alibaba, anyway (it could possibly use a snappier name). A few years back, an '80s-style brick phone called the Motelona (a play on the old Motorola phone it was emulating) made waves across the Internet.
If Henry David Thoreau were alive today, this would be his phone—not only because of its simplicity, but because he could easily hide it in his wallet and nobody would have to know that he was cheating and using a telephone. It has no camera, or any features besides texting, calling, and bluetooth capabilities. John Crane investigated alleged abuse at the Pentagon—until he became a whistleblower himself.
Earth Chemical wanted to know if they could build a trap big enough to catch mutant roaches, so they tested it on people.
The drone is dwarfed by its own controller, yet it flies with the stability of a drone three times the size.
It’s hard, but I do try to keep up with trends and developments in the world of indy film, especially on the tech side.
Apple’s iPhone has become one of (if not the) go-to tool for the new breed of digital cinema directors.
The Gorrilla grip not only works a traditional mini-tripod, it also has tough flexible legs that can be used to mount your iPhone onto all kinds of things like fences, poles, and branches.
The Zacuto Z-Grip Cinema kit kicks it up a notch higher by adding an extra arm that can be used to attach an optional shaded viewfinder to help you see your image in sunlight. The OWLE Bubo is another aluminum case design to add a little more heft and easier grip for handheld iPhone shooting.

This is a another 2 in 1 solution – a combination hand grip and mic add-on mic system for an iPhone 4 or 4s with a serious focus on audio-quality. If you don’t want as many accoutrements and do-dads attached to your phone, you may want to try something like this magnetic fish eye lens that you can pop on when needed. This is a hard aluminum case with a three-lens turret and your choice of landscape or portrait tripod mounts. If you like to get experimental with yours and prefer to do it in-camera instead of with fancy post tools, then you just might dig this cool little Holga lens turret which features 9 different color and special effects that mimic the funky unique look of old-school Holga still cameras.
If you do close-up or table top product shooting, you may be particularly interested in this slick little device that slides your iPhone along a smooth path horizontally, vertically, or at an incline. It works round-the-clock, and for not just days or weeks, but for months and months, very own Money From Your Website making you tons of CASH!
Shockingly, it also has a rear camera that's capable of 0.3-1 MP, which might qualify it as a spy device (if you ever see somebody closely examining their Porsche keys in front of you, quickly cover your face and run). This is the phone your kids need, and since you can pick one up for $41 (with free shipping), you really have no excuse to not have one.
Like most of these phones, it comes unlocked and ready to accept any CIM card that will operate on a GSM network. Whereas the other phones on this list have very specific abilities, this is a phone for the sort of jerk that wants their device to do everything, and especially stuff they'll never understand.
However, one growing movement that I haven’t covered much in my blog or books is the world of cellphone cinema.
Most notably, it’s made by the audio company Fostex and has not one, but 2 mics for stereo recording.
If you like this type of practical filmmaking info, please check out our products page and 2012 Camera Buyer’s Guide. And it’s no coincidence that Shenzhen is the mecca of custom cell phones—Shenzhen summons a huge share of the global phone market.There have been many reports of phone-manufacturing plants being torturous hellholes, with some literally surrounded by netting systems that keep suicide jumpers from hitting the ground below them.
Alas something must have happened to the Motelona brand, as an hour of searching yielded only a few results—and they were all pre-owned units from dubious sources. When you download the free app that comes with the unit you will be able to control audio input level, microphone setting, equalization, filters, and more directly from your phone.

I’ll let you decide, but this little baby allows you to put pro-quality DSLR lenses on your iPhone. But there does seem to be at least one upside to doing some time in an Apple factory: You get very familiar with how cellular phones are built, and you get to take that knowledge with you when you leave the company. Your child will only be able to call these two numbers (by holding down one of two buttons for three seconds), which should also prevent "chaos chaos dialed calls" (which is the best term for "prank call" that's ever existed). It's also dust-proof, scratch-proof, and shock-proof, and it's IP68 certified—a waterproofing term that means you can probably drop it in the toilet without it breaking.It also claims to have a 10-hour talk time, and a 180-hour standby time. There are also 2 tripod mounting points, headphone monitoring and level control, as well as a cold shoe for mounting more accessories.
A haven of small businesses that are manufacturing lower amounts of cell phones, but are addressing their smaller output capabilities by making phones that the larger companies aren’t, comes next.If all you need is a credit-card sized phone that’s only capable of calling and texting, then Shenzhen has you covered.
It's an impressive price when compared to another seller offering the phone at a similar price, but charging $100 for shipping. If all you want is a simple phone that looks like a Porsche key, there is no app available that can make a Galaxy or iPhone physically change into one—but you can order one online for around $20.Look the world is your oyster. Also, this seller offers the phone in all its available color schemes—black, white, pink, blue, and green.
The Zanco Fly Phone's biggest feature is a built-in voice changer with 13 different voices at its disposal. It's no wonder that it's so small, then: If the police were to find it on you, they'd know for sure that, yes, you were the person that was stalking that other person—so it's very important that it's small enough to swallow at a moment's notice. You can own one yourself for around $50 via eBay, where all but a few of its 17 listings are from the same person—probably the company's sole director, who owns 100 percent of what appears to be nothing. Corporate issues aside, I still want one.

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