So, it should come as no surprise when I tell you that I just created a cell phone case from cardboard! However, I’m still really just in the planning stages of this project, and the Makerspace is nearly two hours of travel round-trip for me.
I had already designed a basic case in Adobe Illustrator, by drawing over the top of an image of the iPhone I downloaded from Apple. In only a few minutes, I went from an idea, to a drawing, to a real-world three-dimentional object, all WITHOUT a 3D-printer, a laser-cutter, or any other modern micro-manufacturing machinery.
While this was just a simple little mock-up, I was impressed with how well it turned out using only low-tech, on-hand materials. Just one suggestion; I have come across cardboard that has a open-cell foam sheet attaches to it. We’d be lying if we said our cell phones weren’t attached to us for the majority of our day, so why not personalize them?

Which got me thinking that maybe I could create a laminated case, based on several layers of laser-cut plastic. Would you believe that the radius of the default setting of the “ROUNDED RECTANGLE” Tool is EXACTLY the same as the corners of the iPhone? If this were some sort of final project, I would likely glue the layers together, but as it was, all I really needed some something simple and temporary.
Could you find a thrifty and low-tech way to do it using simple, recycled, or salvaged materials?
They are an extension of us after all.  The temptation to purchase was real when searching the web for the cutest phone cases. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Sticking with my office supplies theme, I grabbed two rubber bands, and slipped them around the cardboard near the top and bottom.

Some have bling, some are elegant, some are handsome, some are for women, some are for men, some are just plain fun! Of course there I was using somebody else’s design, which just was NOT optimized for my 3D printer.
Should any of these items be of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us, We will be happy to give you a quotation upon receipt of your detailed requirements.

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