Our daughters Hannah and Molly, budding fashionistas, bring you great ideas too -- so join us on our refashion adventures! Motherhood – hey I get it!Always floral in the SpringAn extra day – LEAP YEARHow do your clothes make you feel? The case is an eye-catching delight of sparkles, candy colors and characters — including Hello Kitty and Stitch.
Luxy Loli makes custom cell phone cases , as well as hair clips and other affordable decoden.
The Hello Kitty phone has all the functions I need: caller ID display, memory, options for ringer volume and language.

Michaela had some ouchies on her old cell phone case so decided to revamp it with glitter, making it the perfect refashioned fashion accessory!
Here we feature daily DIY refashion tutorials and inspiration, including our projects as well as the best of the community. NASA says it’s the most effective full-body workout out there, and the only one that gets the lymph fluid circulating. Rebounding is easy on the joints, and develops balance while targeting different muscles (which is why it’s eclipsed the elliptical as my favorite). If you haven’t heard of rebounders, I highly suggest you look into them, and go with a quality brand like Sundance.

Regular stair walking is good exercise, so I deliberately go up to the upstairs bathrooms rather than the ground-floor ones. I was probably at my fittest when I was doing regular manual labour for local conservation groups – clearing shrubbery, laying paths, putting up fencing etc.

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