Get playful with gadgets by covering them with the Belkin X LEGO phone cases designed for the iPhone. It's not just a bumpy LEGO appearance, these phone cases are actually compatible with real LEGO pieces, making it fun and easy to switch up the design of the case every single day.
Citing life-or-death dangers, the city of Plainfield on Monday night approved an ordinance to prohibit the possession, sale or transfer of cell phone cases shaped like guns. The Village Board of Plainfield, a city of 40,000 in Will County, unanimously approved the measure to restrict the faux firearms after Police Chief John Konopek warned trustees of the danger of the cases, as reported by the Herald-News . The cases, designed to look like a gun, have prompted officials this summer in New Jersey and New York to issue public warnings against carrying them while Chicago went a step further and banned the cases in July under threat of a $750 fine. Formerly sold online through Amazon, the digital retailer pulled the cases after backlash from police lobby organizations and gun control groups. The drive to prohibit the cases coincides with efforts by anti-gun groups through a social media campaign to convince smart phone maker Apple to remove the digital ideogram depicting a gun from their iPhones. New Yorkers Against Gun Violence kicked off their “Disarm the iPhone” drive in July with a website, video and press release targeting the popular mobile devices. While the Plainfield ordinance on fake phone ordnance authorizes a $250 fine plus court costs for initial offenses and $500 for subsequent ones, Konopek says there may be some leeway on youthful offenders. The lawsuits would be the result of cops shooting someone for pointing a fake gun cell phone at a cop. So what’s the difference between a cell phone case and a toy gun, are you going to ban those too? But you can get arrested for Disturbing the Peace, Causing a Public Disturbance, Reckless Endangerment, and a myriad of other crimes depending on the jurisdiction. So, YES, it is illegal to falsely yell fire in a crowded theater if it can cause a dangerous panic. Or maybe it is that a criminal might actually be offended because they can see a intended victim might just be openly armed?
There really is no freedom or say so anymore I’m not saying the cases were a good idea but it is an individuals freedom to wear and put there phone in or on whatever the hell he or she feels like.

Your stupidity made my day I have another icon if you are smart enough to read it between my fingers. The 2nd Amendment does not give people the right to challenge a cops ability to make an informed response. We already have enough people getting shot by cops for possessing what is thought to be a gun. Even in Open Carry states, there are laws against brandishing, meaning, If you are going to wave your gun around, you better be ready to use it in a lethal force situation. So who helped you write this rebuttal because you went from full nonsense to a real logical argument , very interesting I might add.
Other than school settings, nobody is even suggesting outlawing AR-15 Tee shirts or belt buckles, etc. So, in light of the real world of cops, outlawing faux guns as cell phone cases is justifiable. During a visit to the mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director what the criterion was which defined whether or not a patient should be institutionalized. With two styles to choose from and a whole array of colors, the designs are fun for adults and children alike. Those who like to customize their cases will be able to change the style with a few building blocks, and those who want to show off their engineering expertise can build masterpieces on these covers. The group cautions that the emoji, one of hundreds on the product that come preloaded from the factory, reflects the ready access to guns in the country.
However i do see what you mean when it comes to second amendment not being the main issue here I would like to point out that my comments not only reflect the second amendment but freedom in general. The Court ruled unanimously that the First Amendment, though it protects freedom of expression, does not protect dangerous speech. Oh, they fear cops that have been trained for over three decades that “gun=crime” without question and the response is bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang? This law is a slippery slope I do understand why it was made to protect the public and police but the old saying you give a inch they take a mile makes this a very dangerous law or regulation it goes into banning a piece of property that can be easily mistaken for a weapon.

I’ve never met another logical thinker on this site i think im done commenting for now. Good example of why we need more states adopting open carry to help remove this irrational fear of firearms (ie: uniformed personnel okay to carry firearm, but average citizen doing the same is somehow evil, as if the former are somehow immune to the darker side of human nature).
Most states have a requirement for replica air-soft and toy guns to have a bright orange tip so LEO’s and others can tell they are not guns. Cell phones have been known to be aimed at cops for a death by cop scenario which has happened countless times. If I carry a weapon, open or concealed, it does not threaten anybody except for the wooses.
My reasoning behind defending this item is the fact it is gun related and opens up new possibilities for government overreach to make laws that affect what we wear.
The reason I said that about ar15 shirts is because if they get away with this its one step closer for more regulated government control I never agreed with the faux gun cell phone cases I just think this is a bad law that will further a disgruntled governments agenda to annihilate our liberty in general. To answer the ar15 shirt comment they will go after belt buckles and jewelry next then bullets or a type of faux ammunition on clothing they will not stop until they have completely regulated our lives. The police do need better training as well and yes I am using that argument too many cops have this guilty until innocent attitude and to be honest it has given cops a bad reputation.
Brandishing weapon laws are also a big anti gun law that people like to use this excuse for and it really needs to be repealed as well so dont use that argument either. This is just another example of how government police and the political elite want more control and its not justifiable. I do not agree with this and fines only feed the machine for more control I do understand why on some of your points but again you justified fear for more control with your argument as well.

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