The cell phone has affected not only the social condition in particular country, but also its political condition. In the past, cell phone is equipped with an antenna, but such equipment is so outdated not.
Based on the research, the teenagers in Korea with the age of 15 -19 years love to text messages up to 20,000 times each year. In 1980, most of the cell phone companies had to spend a lot of cash in the rate of 4 million just to add extra music on their product.
Based on the research, it is stated that 37 per cent of men send porn photos to their buddies by using mobile phone.

In Japan and Finland for example, the cell phone technology is used to warn the citizens about the natural disaster which may occur. When people pick laptop as the favorite gadget, others cannot live without having a cell phone. It was stated that 5 from 10 masterpieces of fiction were written by using cell phone based on the data in 2007.
In US, people use web, but this country seems to have its personal character by introducing the M-Voting to its people. In this post I will show you ten interesting cell phones facts which can entertain you a lot.

Based on the report of Korea Times, it was stated that the students in Korea sent 100 texts each day. That’s why this condition can affect the environment based of the thick garbage of the cell phones.

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