The Plan 10 offers 10 cents per minutes calling rates plus a 10 cent per call connection fee. If you really only use a phone for emergencies, this may be a good deal, because you could spend just $10 about every three month to keep your cell phone active which comes to just under $3.40 a month plus taxes.
This does eventually lower your airtime cost, though it also tempts you to buy more airtime than you may need.
Text messages cost 5 cents each to send and receive, and international text messages cost 10 cents (which is pretty good). Tuyo offers a $5 per month add-on that allows you to make "free" calls to landlines in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.
If you were on the Plan 10 plan, those 250 minutes would also cost you $25 of regular airtime. This basic but stylish flip phone with external indicator lights costs $49.99 including the web discount. While things didn't work out so well for Tuyo Mobile, here are a few plans that seem to market to diverse audience.
For a while now, Cricket has chosen to combine talk, text and data with access to music to distinguish itself from the other plans. So, you are planning on getting that new, shiny iPad and you also want some 4G goodness along with it, eh?
Not sure what these guys are smoking but anything running on faster than 3G speeds will eat up 1 GB very quickly. Just use Wi-Fi and save money - for those with unlimited plans - tether - Verizon will not care as much as AT&T will about that, but it will save money in the long run. Half the coverage, half the customers, you're not going to run into as many problems when you're managing a smaller service.

So your effective rate per call will range from 20 cents per minute, for a 1-minute call, to 12 cents per minute, for a five-minute call, and about 11 cents per minute, for a ten-minute call. One good thing is that even if you purchase just $10 worth of airtime, it's still good for 90 days. You get an additional $5 when you cross $50 of airtime, an additional $5 for the next $50, then $10 for the next $100, and finally $20 for the next $100 of airime purchase. The standard call rate for calls to Mexico landlines in Mexico City, Guadalajara, is 2 additional cents per minute.
The $5 plan is worth it if you spend more than 84 minutes per month calling the Dominican Republic.
Or in other words, neither of them would require you to sign a 2-year contract in order to use 4G connectivity on your iPad. It reminds me when my college had to start charging extra to print in their computer clusters. And, iKnow what everyone is thinking: wait, he's about to bash the NEW ipad but, seriously, iAm not. I only have it at work and since I work multiple locations, not all locations have wifi either. And to make things even better, there are no activation fees, meaning that you can always try out the service for a month or two, then opt out, and hop back on whenever you feel like it. Its because they were losing so much money on the top 5% of users that were printing 1000+ page reports and entire textbooks on a regular basis. This is about the bestest' 4G LTE coverage (albeit iLTE) in the land with the better options.
I do not have internet at home nor does my girlfriends place, this being the reason why I bought a tab with verizon service.

So you would have to talk for more than 250 minutes a month to Mexico to make this worthwhile. The choice, however, can be difficult to make as both carriers have pretty speedy 4G netwoks and have more than a few markets blanketed already. Verizon offers WAY better coverage and the ability to use the ipad as a hotspot for roughly the same price. I get 9-12 Mbps on H+ and 23-32 on LTE with my Note in the Orlando area, some areas are faster. That is why we decided to put together their 4G plan offerings side by side for your convenience.
However, most of you would probably go straight for the 3GB data plan from AT&T, which costs the reasonable $30 per month. For $50 monthly, both carriers will provide you with 5GB of mobile data, and if you are a really heavy data user, the 10GB data plan from Verizon will give you the best value for your money.Still, there are a few more things that we have to mention. If you intend on using your new iPad as a Wi-Fi hotspot, bear in mind that only Verizon will be offering the service, at least for now. The carrier has about 200 markets under its 4G LTE blanket, and that figure is expected to double by the end of 2012. And in cities where the carrier does not offer 4G LTE yet, you can ride on its HSPA+ network. The carrier does not only have a much broader LTE footprint, but offers better value for your money, as long as you choose a plan with a monthly allowance of 5 or 10 gigabytes.

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