Watch SLOOH Space Camera's live feed of the "ring of fire" eclipse right here as the moon passes over the sun, covering about 95 percent of the celestial body. The annual solar eclipse will only be visible to people in certain parts of Australia and the Southern Pacific Ocean. The moon crosses in front of the sun during a partial solar eclipse seen through an iron cross on a church in Sydney, Friday, May 10, 2013. Trustees at Loyola Marymount University have voted to eliminate health insurance coverage of elective abortions for faculty and staff. After weeks of divisive campus-wide debate, the board voted late Monday to end university-paid coverage in 2014, while providing an option for employees to seek out abortion coverage at their own expense.

The controversial decision at LMU, a Catholic university in Los Angeles, has dissatisfied individuals on both sides of the issue. Anna Muraco, an associate professor of sociology at LMU, said that the debate was "missing some of the larger issues that are at stake here -- issues like equity” and diversity, the Daily Breeze reports. However, equally dissatisfied on the other side of the debate was Christopher Kaczor, philosophy professor at LMU, who said the university cannot have it both ways.
LMU's trustees said that employees will be able to select a Third Party Administrator (TPA)-managed plan that will cover elective abortions.
Last month, Pope Francis said the church had grown “obsessed” with abortion to the detriment of its larger mission to be "home for all." “We have to find a new balance," he said.

Pope Francis has had a busy week at World Youth Day in Rio as he visited his slums and prisons, blessed the Olympic flag and brought three million people to Copacabana Beach for a final Mass on Sunday morning. But, if you are within range to take a photo of the celestial event (or even if you just want to share a photo of how you watched the eclipse), please submit them using the slideshow below and we'll publish our favorites on HuffPost Science. Employees who select this plan will pay a slightly higher premium, which will ensure that no LMU dollars will go towards elective abortions.

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