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The New Year is upon us and that means there are plenty of post-holiday cell phone deals to be taken advantage of. This week, starting May 23, 2016, best prepaid cell phone deals are available at prepaid providers’ web sites and at selected stores. This week, starting September 27, 2015, best prepaid phone deals can be found at prepaid providers’ web sites and at select stores. Almost a year old Moto X has been offered by now through many postpaid and prepaid carriers in the US but TracFone’s NET10 hasn’t been one of them until now. Tracfone subsidiaries Net10 and Telcel America introduced some new prepaid plans last week.

TracFone’s prepaid brands, Straight Talk and Net10, have officially announced date on which they will start selling the latest Apple’s handsets.
Both TracFone’s prepaid brands, Straight Talk and Net10, have started offering Verizon’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. However, if you’re not fond of the idea of getting a contract with your device, you might check out other plan options available.
If you’ve been planning to get a new phone for yourself or a loved one but couldn’t find a good deal, this month’s cell phone digest will surely give you some options to consider.
Customers could’ve got their own unlocked Moto X and activate it with a NET10 SIM all this time but now unlocked Net10 Moto X is directly offered through Motorola Moto Maker’s website. The Apple’s flagship phones are sold at Walmart stores and online as well as at the websites of both prepaid carriers.

Net10 and Telcel America new plans are listed on their web sites but still without official press release from Tracfone. According to the specs included on their websites and unlike Sprint’s versions, Net10 and Straight Talk Verizon Galaxy S III do not come with LTE support.
Verizon Wireless, Net10 and Sprint has a wide offering so you might like to look over the smartphones they currently have on sale. Customers who have been misled by TracFone subsidiaries as Straight Talk, NET10, Simple Mobile and Telcel America in any way, whose ‘unlimited data’ were throttled between 1 and 3 gigabytes without any explanation, whose data were cut off entirely after reaching 4 or 5 gigabytes or for even losing their service completely (talk, text, and data) in some cases, are eligible to getting their money back.

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