2,Bank Transfer is only available for order's value above US $1000, such as wholesale order. We are specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of jamming devices for GPS, cellular and wireless RF communications. Mobile phone radiation and health concerns have been raised, especially following the enormous increase in the use of wireless mobile telephony throughout the world. The mobile phone system is referred to as “cellular telephone system” because the coverage area is divided into “cells“ each of which has a base station antenna. When we talk on mobile phones, the transmitter takes the sound and encodes on to a continuous “sine wave”. In the case of a person using mobile handset for hours in a day, most of the heating effects will occur in the earpinna, internal ear, head surface and even in the brain.
Some of the brain waves that determine mood and alertness resemble the mobile radiation in frequency.
The blood vessels in the brain and the surrounding tissue form the BBB that can easily dispose heat. Pain in the ear without any specific reasons like infection.This may be due to increased stress on the delicate structures of the internal ear or ear drum by the radiation. Tingling sensation, fatigue, dizziness, loss of mental attention, reduction in reaction time, memory retentiveness, tachycardia etc. I Don’t Believe that my ears burning out of my head is going to have – NO Effect !!!
Even I have the same problem and infact its in both the ears and I have this even when I use ear phone.
I am suffering from extreme earpain, headache, pain in eyes and jaw joint only beacuse of continous use of phone.
I get a clicking sound in my left inner ear when I have a live cell phone to either side of my head. Muchas gracias por el aporte, ya que las emisiones dentro del espectro electromagnetico dentro del cuerpo humano, causan a lo largo del tiempo malformaciones cancerigenas y hasta la muerte por taquicardia, este es un aviso muy importante acerca de estas emisiones, y la regulacion de las mismas en todos los paises. He observado los efectos nocivos de estas emisiones de radiacion electromagnetica, lo que les sugeriria a todas las personas que empiezan a tener zumbidos en los oidos o perdida del equilibrio, o mareos repentinos, que abandonen por completo el uso del celular, se que es una herramienta indispensable, vale mas la vida de la persona o el dispositivo movil, Usted decide.
When I calling using mobile phone my left ear is getting heat and irritation from that ear. Now Let me know what is the percent of mobile radiation while not calling and while calling. An acquaintance just had a serious bout with cancer in her ear area–any guesses as to what caused this?

The World Health Organization has declared that cell phone radiation is a possible carcinogen.
One would think that ourselves and every other micro organism were separate from this process and do not coexist within its boundaries. Today the mercury hit 40o when normally it would be around 26o in this part of the world but then offset by severe cooling in the USA. You people would like to know why your ears are burning and I would like to know who was the bright spark that concluded it was ok to hack our waves in the first place? If the SAR level is above the limit, it may cause both Thermal and Non thermal effects on the body especially on the ear and head since these are at the “Near Field” of the radiation. So that normal brain functions will be affected even in a few persons using cellphones continuously. During conversation, mobile phone will release bursts of energy to keep link with the strongest base station.
The static electricity in the atmosphere may explode by accepting radiation from the mobile phone. You are now not interesting to use it.That is why you develop head ache when some one is using cell phone in your vicinity. But when I approached a doctor he says it might be due to some problem in the handset as well he prescribed me some Neuro Vitamins for 10 days. Since working for Cisco Systems, in an office providing state of the art wireless internet connection, I have suffered from epilepsy and not been able to find employment ever since! We humans are a planet of electromagnetic wavelength hijackers with NO consideration nor information in respect to the hapless friction generated in our atmosphere.
Its just that, well, it is the way of it that our own physiology is hooked into the very same electro wavelengths, somewhat distorted now. When the battery runs down, the battery low warning will light up in red to notice the user to recharge the battery. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here.
Once the encoded sound has been placed on the sine wave, the transmitter sends the signal to the antenna which then sends the signal out. Thermal effect of microwave is the dielectric heating in which any dielectric material such as living tissue is heated by rotations of polar molecules such as water. Brain tissue is delicate and there is blood-brain barrier system to eliminate excess heat generated. They refurbish old phones and you can feel that it is a reject after talking for even a short period.

Now even after changing the handset I am facing the same problem whenever i use my or others mobile phone but not with land line phone. Also, a colleague I worked with there, prior to him doing so, had a slight stutter in his voice.
We have done work on audiovestibular effects from such phone uses and mobilphone tower area exposure, could find much vidence from short term studies on both auditory or balance system-brain functions.
He was also forced to end his contract very early due to not being able to string a sentence together or be verbally understood! Cornea lacks blood supply, so that the heat generated can not be removed and may cause premature cataract.
Head is in the “near field “ of radiation, so that most of the heating effect occurs in the head. Still, precautionary measures are always good, even though there are fewer case studies in this matter. Consider it as your friend and use only in urgent situation for making call only.Use only few minutes to attend call. The base station antenna emits radiations continuously to make a link with the subscribers. Non thermal effects include alterations in bio-cycles, cellular metabolism, spermatogenesis, abnormalities in foetal developments, miscarriage etc.
Some users of mobile phones feel several unspecific symptoms during and after the use of mobile phones in the form of burning and tingling sensations, fatigue, sleep disturbances, dizziness, loss of mental concentration etc. This adversely affects the functioning of these organs since these have fluid filled cavities. It would be cool then heat up and before I realized it my ears were burning out of my head and is lasting now all day.
All these may be due to the influence of the radiation on the biomagnetic field of the body. A new phone does not fix that problem (it obviously is not just a passing feeling – common sense – its going to have some side effects) ! Not all phones make you severely sensitive – but you will know when it happens and you wonder if you are going to have some side effects in the future… ?

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