This Mobile Phone Detector can detect regular or concealed GSM mobile devices, making it perfect for counter surveillance! Today, more than ever, mobile phones are being used to illegally record and send both audio and video to third party locations. Korean company Koid has unveiled the Solvo S330 wich is only 2 inches thick and comes with a 20GB hard drive and 4 inch touch screen.You can play all the popular audio and video formats along with digital video via T-DMB. Then you need a gadget called Bringrr, a discreet accessory that sits quietly in the car, plugged into the 12V socket.Bringrr connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and once the engine has started, Bringrr searches for your mobile phone to confirm that it is in the car.

Since the first Sports Walkman was introduced in 1984, Sony has built a legacy of durable, water resistant music players for active lifestyles, and these devices are no exception.
If the phone is found, Bringrr sends out a short, reassuring auditory confirmation and its light will turn blue.
The flash-based S2 Sports Series Walkman music players include popular components that Sony customers have come to expect, plus new tools specifically designed to enhance your workout program. To find out more about the cookies we use and how to delete them, see our privacy policy.I accept cookies from this site.

If your cell phone is not detected, Bringrr will send out an auditory warning and its light will turn red.Bringrr will be available in July 2010 at a price tag of $35.

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