Tell your party to proceed to any Baggage Claim level door and to look for a door number designated outside for pickup. Helping low-income people connect to services they need, the program gives free phones with hundreds of free minutes each month to people in need to land jobs, make appointments and stay in touch with family. A company called Life Wireless teamed up with The Center for Changing Lives in Minneapolis to issue free phones to those who qualify, such as Michelle Adams. But in 2008, Lifeline added wireless providers and problems have been reported across the country ever since — people are getting dozens of free phones and not having the proof they need to be on the program at all.
Life Wireless is one of 104 companies in Minnesota approved to enroll customers in the program.

In all, those companies have distributed more than 55,000 phones at hundreds of events throughout the state. Life Wireless says it has strict training for employees and they know what questions to ask.
A spokesperson from the FCC said it has started to reform the program after getting complaints. Liz CollinfacebookFollowAt 15 years old, Liz Collin made her broadcast debut covering a tornado that touched down in southwest Minnesota. He didn’t remember which company gave it to him, but he didn’t seem to care that taxpayers picked up the tab.

By next year, it says there will be a national database to make it impossible for a household to get more than one free phone. It goes to pay for this Federal Communications Commission-sponsored program called Lifeline.

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