Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. I have to admit that I’m totally guilty of spending way too much time on my cell phone. This entry was posted in Bridesmaids, Party Games and tagged bachelorette, bachelorette game, bridal shower, bridal shower game, cell phone party game, modern bachelorette party game, modern bridal shower game, party games, the purse bridal shower game, the purse game, what's in your cell phone, what's in your purse on April 2, 2015 by Caitlin.
The cake pull is a Southern tradition, most popular in Louisiana, that could be an excellent alternative to the bouquet toss (which I personally loathe) or a way to share a special moment with your bridesmaids at the wedding. Each charm has a different meaning and tells you something about what’s to come in your life. This entry was posted in Bridesmaids, For the Bride, Party Games, Reception and tagged bridal shower cake pull, bridesmaid cake pull, cake pull, cake pull at the reception or bridal shower, cake pull charm meanings, cake pull tradition, how to do a cake pull, Louisiana cake pulls, Southern cake pull, when to do a cake pull on January 24, 2014 by Caitlin. A hilarious game to play with a close-knit group of friends (even if its not a bachelorette party!). I typically find bridal shower games to be incredibly boring, so I decided to pull together five not-lame options. Toilet paper wedding dresses are just not my jam. These two posts make me a little bit nostalgic and bring back great memories because they are two of my very first posts on Ultimate Bridesmaid. This entry was posted in Bachelorette Parties, Basics, Bridal Shower, Bridesmaids, Party Games and tagged bachelorette games, bridal shower games, bridesmaid duties, how to be a bridesmaid, maid of honor speech, top 10, Ultimate Bridesmaid on May 7, 2013 by Caitlin. Bridal shower games are not mandatory, but they can help break up the day and be funny and cute.
Before the shower, make the most hideous veil you can with a cheap tiara, glitter, different colors of tulle—whatever you can muster.
Hide fake diamond engagement rings around the house and tell the guests to collect them throughout the party and put them on as they find them.
This game may seem too simple or overdone, but in this version you add an element of urgency. Wallet, keys, cell phone, mirror, lip gloss, foundation, mascara, deodorant, hairbrush, tweezers, umbrella, book, pepper spray, dog treat, condom, tampon, Advil, band-aid, stomach medicine, underwear, scissors, a Groupon, a stamp, a mint, a bottle of water, USB flash drive, a $50 bill, a menu, stain remover and bottle opener.
This entry was posted in Bridal Shower, Bridesmaids, Party Games and tagged bridal shower, bridal shower games, bridal shower games that don't suck, chick flick charades, shower ring scavenger hunt game, shower veil game, simple bridal shower games, the purse game, two truths and a lie on November 6, 2012 by Caitlin. I recently came across this amazing idea for a bachelorette party game on Penelope and Pip.
This entry was posted in Bachelorette Parties, Party Games and tagged bachelorette party, bachelorette party games, bride-to-be bangle game, DIY bachelorette game, Penelope and Pip, truth or dare bachelorette game on September 4, 2012 by Caitlin. I recently saw these images from an amazing pre-wedding field day on Pinterest and they completely inspired me. This entry was posted in Bridal Shower, Bridesmaids, DIY, Party Games and tagged couples shower, couples shower field day, games for couples shower, kickball bridal shower, pre-wedding field day on August 16, 2012 by Caitlin. If you’re planning a bar crawl for a bachelorette party, think about spicing the evening up with a scavenger hunt.
You can modify this list to make the challenges more risque if your group is daring and be sure to add a few special touches that are particular to the bride. This entry was posted in Bachelorette Parties, Bridesmaids, Party Games and tagged bachelorette party, bachelorette party bar challenge game, bachelorette party bar crawl, bachelorette party bar scavenger hunt, bachelorette party games, bar challenge game, bar scavenger hunt, party games on July 18, 2012 by Caitlin. The game is designed so that the person with the highest score at the end would win a prize of your choosing.
The second one is designed for a bachelorette party, with questions geared toward the younger crowd that include a few racier requests.

Have the host read each question aloud and then ask guests to share their answers when appropriate. In one, unmarried female friends are invited to participate and in the other only the bridesmaids partake. The cake pulls are typically given to the baker the week of the wedding and then placed when assembling the cake at the reception site. Common charms might include a camera or the Eiffel tower (a life of travel), a flip-flop (a life full of relaxing fun), a cross (a life full of faith), a heart (a life full of love), a ring (the next to be married) and a pacifier or baby carriage (the next to have a baby). In my opinion, delivering a speech at a wedding is probably the most difficult thing asked of the maid of honor. If you’re looking for down and dirty tips for delivering the speech, I actually recommend this post over the first, which is more focused on the writing process. This is a classic, and is still my number one go-to for every kind of bachelorette party, be it a raucous destination weekend or a more intimate dinner with friends. I pulled from all of my experiences to put together all the details for organizing a bachelorette weekend, with a timeline and advice on how to coordinate a huge number of girls, find lodging, book dinners, plan events and keep everyone entertained. It’s a good idea to announce this game early in the shower so guests have time to think of good facts. In the typical game you get a point for each item that you have, but in this version it’s the first person to find the item who wins. The host reads the items aloud and the first person to fish that item out of her purse gets a prize.
Rachel knew her super-stylish friend wouldn’t want to wear a tacky veil all night, so she came up with another plan: The Bride-To-Be Bangle Game! Throughout the night, guests present the bride with challenges: Truth, Dare, Memory or Love. My friend Nicole organized a game of kickball for her rehearsal dinner and we had an amazing time being silly and showing off our skills on the field. This game is kind of a hybrid between a scavenger hunt and truth or dare (without the truth part). Try to recruit a stranger to do the job, but in a pinch someone in your group can carry her in.
It’s a good idea to have a printed list to take to the bar so you can keep score as you go along. Our newsletter has all the important details in one place, from helpful how-tos to real party inspiration to giveaways and special offers.
Vote on who has the most embarrassing, sweetest or silliest photo (the group’s choice) and award +5. I’ve also give you the full list of questions after the jump in case you want to select the questions that you like most and create your own printout.
Guests can use their sheet to record their score, but make sure you keep everyone engaged and talking. Dawn has placed them herself when organizing a pull for a friend, and advises you to have extra icing on hand to pipe around the base of the cake once the pulls are placed. There are even Louisiana-themed cake pulls, like a crawfish for a life of good fortune or a Mardi Gras mask for the life of the party. I decided to use my own experience to put together articles and guides that might help other women like me.
Planning parties may be time consuming and logistically complicated, but writing and delivering a speech comes with a lot of pressure.

It can even be adapted to a bridal shower—just make the question PG-13 for the daytime crowd.
At a bridal shower, you’re going to need activities that work for a mixed group of ages. If you use one of the words, you are Bridezilla and have the wear the veil until someone else slips up! You can also give out small prizes for each item, but then designate points to each item for a big reward at the end. Old-school field day events like a three-legged race, egg toss or the fill the bucket game you see pictured above would also be great additions to the event.
The idea is to compile a list that includes objects and people to find as well as challenges and dares, which can be very generic or specific to the bride or the bars you’re visiting. Share the photos you have to hunt down, make them admit if they have Candy Crush and find out who scores the highest on rounds that award multiple points. A ribbon is tied to each charm (or if you want to get creative, you can attach them to charm bracelets). The bride can select which charms she wants to incorporate, or even assign special meaning to personal charms.
This post breaks down how to structure the beginning, middle and end of your speech, with ideas for topics, jumping-off points and even a gimmick or two. Remember that people want to eat, drink, and chat, not have a regimented schedule of enforced games, so just choose a few to sprinkle in. During your time as Bridezilla you are encouraged to add to the veil to make it more hideous if possible. The facts can be about their friendship or history with the bride—they’ve been friends for 15 years, they taught the bride how to drive, they shared a lost weekend in Myrtle Beach—or a little known fact about the bride—the details of her first kiss, what she really thought of her groom when she first met him, her biggest pet peeve. Make sure it’s on a sliding scale so that easy items like wallet and keys get one point and harder ones like dog treat, pepper spray or corkscrew get more. By the end of the night everyone has gotten to know the bride a bit better and she has a cute memento from the event. You can find a vendors on Etsy selling cake pulls, but you can also make your own by picking up charms and ribbon at a local craft store. You could attach a folded card to the end of the pull with a quote to reveal the meaning of the charm—just make sure no one peeks before the pull! I could spend hours collaging gorgeous images of bridal showers or compiling bachelorette inspiration boards, but I really put my heart into these articles. If both players claim to have never seen the film and thus cannot act out a scene, let them default to the title, but make sure you appropriately shame them for neglecting to watch You’ve Got Mail. A cup of coffee will have clever people riffling through their wallets for their Starbucks gift card. You can also opt for a tiered point system: 1 point for just acting out the title, 2 points for a scene, and 5 points for acting out the entire movie in less than two minutes. Make sure you take a picture as you check each item off the list (for proof and posterity!).

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