Cell phone charger wholesale hot selling mobile phone accessory, View cell phone charger, Powerseed Product Details from Shenzhen Snapper Technology Co., Ltd. Without a doubt, the hottest new cell phone accessory right now is virtual reality headsets. Oculus, an industry leader in 3D technology, premiered virtual reality headsets that work with certain Samsung cell phones in 2015. We generally expect to see more accessories for shooting photos and videos of all types in the coming year. If you like to shoot movies or videos in low light, you can buy lights and flashes that attach to your cell phone’s various ports. Depending on which multipurpose car kits you buy (and what cell phone you have), you can charge your phone wirelessly or with a wire.
Battery charging times are going down with most newer smartphones, and battery life is going up. If you want your phone to power up at a faster rate, you can invest in a battery charger that promises to cut charging times.
Cell phone mounts used to be bulky pieces of equipment that clamped on to your cell phone with oversized grabbing bars. The ability to mount a cell phone to a surface is still helpful for drivers interested in using GPS, exercise enthusiasts who want to track their speed as they ride their bike, or anyone interested in putting their phone in a more convenient location than their hand.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. We predict that those accessories will continue to get better, cheaper and more widely available in 2016.

Place your phone in a set of goggles that completely covers your eyes and the area around them, and you can virtually transport yourself to another world.
Google Cardboard started selling a set of virtual reality goggles that work with many more cell phone brands.
They allow smartphone users to achieve all kinds of effects they can’t get with the built-in camera. If you want to shoot selfies without holding your phone (or carrying around a selfie stick), you can buy remote controls for your smartphone’s camera.
Kits with USB ports also allow you charge other devices like tablets while you’re on the go. But neither of these things is happening fast enough to satisfy people who want to use their smartphones all the time, and get annoyed when they have to stop and plug them in. These quick chargers or fast chargers help your phone take in more power at a faster rate without damaging the phone’s circuits.
WizGear’s magnetic car mount slips securely onto one of your car’s vents, then holds your phone in place with a strong magnet. Mounting technology will continue to become easier to use, and innovators will find new ways to mount cell phone to surfaces. A virtual reality headset improves the experience of watching movies, playing games, video chatting with friends, and much more. CNET predicts that 2016 will be the year virtual reality becomes a much bigger part of our lives, so you can expect to see related technology everywhere.
We fully expect that trend to continue as photos and videos become more important to how we communicate.

Their 4-in-1 lens has two macro lenses for close-ups, a fisheye lens for that fish bowl look, and a wide-angle lens. A multipurpose kit with Bluetooth capability allows you to make hands-free phone calls while you’re in the car. The good news is that most of these devices have a built-in ability to detect whether their amped-up charging system will help the phone or fry its circuits. We also predict more people with adopt this technology, which many people still don’t know exists. Several small brands such as Alcatel, BLU and Huawei made us rethink whether we really needed to spend massive amounts of money on a big name brand cell phone.
There will be new apps for watching virtual reality presentations and new technology for filming virtual reality shows. It’s also possible to get an active or telephoto lens for shooting images that are farther away. The Anti-Gravity Case has hundreds of tiny suction cups on the back, which means you can attach it to any hard surfaces including walls, whiteboards, mirrors, wood cabinets and dashboards.
So if your kid decides to try a friend’s quick charger to see if it works on his or her phone, you can rest assured knowing it won’t destroy it.

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