Most smartphones and laptops can work together at a very basic level, transferring files over a USB cable, through Bluetooth, or using various cloud-based services.
Things get more convenient and more powerful when your smartphone and laptop share an OS family.
Beyond those obvious pairings, though, there are laptops and phones whose spirits work well together.
Every smartphone platform can sync music and videos with PCs, even if it's just via drag and drop. Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 are like big and little siblings, with similar user interfaces, great syncing, and shared Microsoft apps.

A smart person on a budget can grab a Walmart laptop and a MetroPCS phone and climb up in the world. It's hard to get real work done on a smartphone—that teensy keyboard!—but just try whipping your laptop out on the street. Microsoft business products like Exchange and SharePoint work better with Microsoft-powered devices than with any others.
We'll make assumptions about you, but it's OK if you don't fit these molds; suggest your own laptop and cell phone combinations in the comments below.
Put the two together and you have an ideal mobile office, dorm room, or globe-girdling crime organization.

Likewise, Google's experimental Chromebooks force you to buy into all of Google's cloud services, so you'd better have an Android phone. Folks who gravitate toward one genre of phone generally like the same qualities in a laptop.

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