Net10 is a prepaid wireless service provider who is in part with TracFone Wireless, America‚Äôs largest no contract cellular service provider. The best way to do this is to buy a really cheap GoPhone, which is usually a refurbished older Nokia or Samsung cell phone for about $25, and then yank out the sim card and swap it into the iPhone. At this point you can make all the calls you want using the pay as you go model, but you are unable to use any data unless your iPhone is connected to WiFi. So your iPhone now makes calls fine but you want to use wireless data as well… no problem. This exact process works the same on other carriers around the world, according to TheAppleBlog.
Update 2: Supposedly the CDMA iPhone 4 can be used on Cricket Wireless too, but it requires a jailbreak and some fees from Cricket. The same process will work with the iPhone 4 as well, but since the iPhone 4 uses a micro sim card you would have to either trim down the prepaid sim which is a tedious process, or find another solution. I regularly change out my sim data card with pay as you go card using both cards on a 3GS and have no problem. My wife will be travelling to the US and will be there for a week, phone is a priority although dataplan would be nice. Yes that should work but you should get Skype as a backup since you can use Skype over WiFi if all else fails. And, yes, I have a brand new not-yet-activated sim card, and I understand I can activate it pretty easily. I guess I should switch to Simple Rate Plan, I couldn’t add data features to my current plan. I have also read that since H20 runs on the AT&T network, if I activate it as a prepaid phone, it should also work on the iPhone as well as the Razr.
By the way, they sell the sim card already activated, so there is no need to activate it online or anything else.
So every iPhone will work with my usual AT&T simcard which i have to refill with unlimited texting every month and balance as soon as it’s gone?

Has anyone tried going into an AT&T store to purchase an ACTIVATED sim card for use on their iPhone?
I would go with the Samsung R451c qwerty slider phone available at Walmart on the Straight Talk service. When you find a product you like on the web, click the link in the tool bar and you can ask a question. While your question is being worked on, view other similar products and questions on IMshopping. With Net10 wireless service, users get unlimited GSM service on the best nationwide networks.
The $65 monthly plan includes unlimited international plan with unlimited nationwide minutes, unlimited message and unlimited data plus, and international calling to over 1,000 destinations.
Once you have the new GoPhone sim in the iPhone you can use it as you would with any other prepaid phone and make all the calls you want.
If data doesn’t appear to be working, restart your iPhone and things should work fine. The necessity of this varies from region to region though, as many countries have pay-as-you-go iPhone’s already available. If you plan on doing this, you’ll still need to buy iPhone 4 without contract which will cost quite a bit.
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I did a jb and unlock on my iPhone before taking it to Europe and just bought a local sim, worked fine.
I have an iPhone that is out of contract but still in service, and want to take my existing phone number with me and do this. I bought an GoPhone, took the SIM card out and put it in an IPhone, activated the SIM with the GoPhone IMEI number and the IPhone works perfectly. I’ve checked, and you can transfer an existing out-of-contract iPhone number to a new GoPhone account.

At first it wouldnt work then I came accross this website and it seems to be working VERY well. With pre paid is uning this to process credit cards at a remote site going to cost me a bunch of money? I have a really old prepaid sim card, bought it when it is still called Cingular, it is a 64k smart chip, do I need to purchase a new 3g sim card in order to work with the iphone?
If you will primarily use data in wifi spots but just want the ability to connect (just in case) while away from hot spots do you need to add a data package? I followed the instructions to a T, but only have phone, SMS service and only have Internet through WIFI. Additionally, you'll receive announcements related to the IMshopping service, you can opt out at any time. The company features unlimited GSM service, $50 and $60 monthly payment plans that includes unlimited talk, text, and web. You will be able to make calls and use prepaid data, and the best part about this… it does NOT require a Jailbreak! The prepaid feature is not offered in the USA, thankfully it’s not that difficult to get around! I would like to keep the number on the iphone but switch to prepaid Go Phone minutes and worry about the data plan later. In other words if I don’t log onto the internet while away from wifi will my phone access the internet and deplete my prepaid card? Could I just put the sim card in the phone one of my friend’s phones to activate it and then switch it to my phone without it impacting their service?
Its users can use virtually any compatible or unlocked GSM phone with a NET10 SIM to get service on the best nationwide networks.

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