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Learn about all safety and precautions that must be followed while repairing mobile cell phone. The earphone socket has external damage that doesn’t allow hands free to be plugged in.
I need mobile repairing course document and I unable to download the book as I am not a member and unable to register as a new user. Please note that currently the Phone Tags are sold as singles and therefore you will require two (2) for each phone unless you have an older phone which isn't capable of internet and email. When positioning the Phone Tag on any device it is most important to place a straight edge of the phone tag parallel to the top or bottom edge of the phone or tablet. To our knowledge at the point of writing, there is no other device available, which does the job that the Tesla's phone tag does, and that has an indefinite life of effectiveness.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is for education purposes only and not to be taken as medical advice. The earphone socket has external damage which doesn’t let hands free to be plugged in.
Sir l have 3gs apple phone’s network low problem can u send me its solution with diagram at my Gmail. The Phone Tag alters the chaotic pattern in the transmissions to and from the antenna of the phone.
If a point of the phone tag is placed toward the top of the device then the Phone Tag loses its effectiveness and will not be capable of doing its job.
Our suggestion is that devices should be tested for effectiveness periodically, as there are many mobile phones out there with devices attached and the user is unaware they are no longer (maybe never were) doing the job of dealing with the radiation.
The best testing for this is muscle testing or Kinesiology, your body will give the answer.

In recent years both mobile and cordless phones are being made with higher and stronger frequencies and mobile phones known as SMART phones such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, Androids, etc, although wonderful technology, they need two Phone Tags to cope with the antenna and blue tooth, one at the top and one at the base on the back of the phone.
If you use a flexible cover on your phone, I suggest attaching the tags and then go searching for a cover to fit, they are out there, otherwise it is possible to cut out the cover to expose the tag.
Check out the positioning of the Phone Tag below, and we send you a sketch on how to position with your order.

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