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Technology and GSS Counselling ServicesWhen used appropriately, technology such as text and email can serve as valuable tools in communication. A woman in Vancouver has surely set a new world record but not one any of us will laud her for. A man bicycling across America to raise money for affordable housing died after being hit by a car in western Oklahoma Thursday morning. A man in Georgia was eating a burger while driving, but he was eventually pulled over and then given a ticket for the act.
A North Carolina woman updates her Facebook status while driving on the highway, then dies shortly afterwards in a car accident. The federal government along with several tech companies are casting their focus on distracted driving.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are reopening an investigation into a crash after one of the drivers posted a dashcam video of the accident on Facebook. A new study has discovered that children in the car are 12 times more distracting to a driver than speaking on a phone.
Glen Murray, Ontario's Minister of Transport, says the government is considering increasing penalties for distracted driving in the hopes more people will be deterred from using hand-held devices while behind the wheel. Under a week after NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair was spoken to by an RCMP officer for failing to stop at a check point, a Conservative MP has been ticketed for talking on her phone and failing to stop.
Police chiefs in British Columbia want stricter distracted driving laws including higher fines, giving police the ability to seize cell phones of distracted drivers, and are even considering seizing vehicles of offenders. A new partnership has been announced to help educate teachers, parents and teens in an attempt at preventing young drivers from distracted driving, a risk involving texting and cell phone use that has reached “a deadly epidemic” level in the US. Due to the busy nature of counselling services at GSS and the often difficult task of tracking me down you may:A.

After many media and government campaigns against "distracted driving" this may change how some people think. On April 22, 2014, Apple published a patent for a lockout mechanism to prevent mobile users from using their devices while operating a vehicle.
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