Nowadays, any discussion in regards to the cheapest cell phone plans with unlimited texting must mention plans that offer high usage at cheap rates. Whether it’s for phone calls or texting, these plans have you completely covered for as little as $30 a month. Service offering high usage or unlimited cellular service such as Verizon, Sprint and AT&T Wireless nationwide network has been generating lots of great feedback from new subscribers.
Plans are available for both traditional feature phones as well as the now prevalent smartphones. On the $60 and $45 plans, any unused data gets rolled over into the next month as long as you renew on time. If you using the phone to communicate in some way or another every day, you may want the unlimited monthly plan. There are phones from all the major manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Pantech, Sony Ericsson, HTC and Sharp.

From personal experience with AT&T customer service, while the staff can be helpful, the wait can be long at a retail location. If you have good coverage on the AT&T network, and you like the idea of features such as the $25 unlimited data plan, then you may want to Go with GoPhone!
In general, AT&T plans cost slightly more when compared to dedicated prepaid providers such as Straight Talk or Virgin Mobile. This plan also includes unlimited messaging to over 160 countries, unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada. While it also includes unlimited international messaging to over 160 countries, it does NOT include unlimited talk to Mexico and Canada, and usage in those countries is also not included. You can only rollover one month's data, so you should generally use the amount of data in your plan.
However, customer support is a little better when going direct with a major carrier rather than through an intermediary as they have direct access to the network.

There are options on the left so that you can see the voice coverage for both the regular AT&T and the GoPhone plans. In fact you can even use your phone in Mexico and Canada with unlimited calls, texts and your data allowance. Still it's a pretty good deal, especially with the auto-refill, especially if you like to text abroad. You can add data packs at $5 for 100 MB which can get expensive if you use a lot of cellular data.However, you do still get unlimited calls and texts in the United States, and you do still get unlimited international texts to over 160 countries.

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