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The iPhone 3G is distributed in world-wide, but unfortunately the south Korea, one of famous mobile country is not included. I just researched iPhone price plan in the world including, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan and France with similar price plan.
Also, you know there are many cell phone plans by various options of carriers and manufactures. People have been using them hacked or whatever on rival services for months, we’re a Blackberry shop at work so that will be my handheld of choice while at my current job.
I’m using iPhone only because no other phone in America is as stylish and functional and cheap WITH a huge touch screen.
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Korea has a ridiculously strong IT infrastructure and only way iphone will hurt other local Korean smart phones is going to be with the cheap price of iphone compared to some discustingly expensive prices set for mobile phones in Korea. Apart from getting the clock pace turned up higher the Touch has much less software programs to run because it is not a phone. Korea basically have been ripping people off with their mobile industry by charging too much for their phones. Most decent smart phones to compete with iPhone in Korea are sold at about 900 USD, when their internet service boasts some unbelievable download speed.
So, in my opinion i think the iPhone is better in America where things like cell phones is expensive.

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