With cell phones becoming more popular than wrist watches, its basically become a necessity for most people to have one.
AT&T Wireless has gone back and forth with their name a few times but has consistently been one of the most popular wireless service providers in the world.
Read a review of AT&T Wireless from wireless industry experts and everyday users like me and you!
T-Mobile is a very popular cellular provider in the United States and has picked up many clients because of their extremely competitive rates. In the early stages of the cell phone industry, Sprint dominated the East Coast with awesome service. As you can see from the map, Verizon is the most popular carrier throughout most of the United States as they are dominant in 31 of the 50 states. 4G LTE has brought blazingly fast Internet to our mobile devices, with speeds often even higher than what home Internet connections offer. This company continues to lure cell phone users to their company by often providing more minutes at the same or cheaper rates.

With hundreds of providers spread across the United States, it is a dog eat dog world out there for the smaller providers, but which of the big dogs really dominates the United States? However, not all carriers are equal in their offerings, and speeds can vary hugely on different carriers. This means that if uploading content on the go in the fastest possible manner is a priority to you, T-Mobile is probably not the best choice. The biggest surprise by far was that T-Mobile was the most popular provider in Arizona which is very well documented to be heavily deserted area. By doing your homework & reading user and expert reviews, you can avoid getting locked in to a lengthy contract with a wireless service provider that provides horrible service. Although, in many of the most well known T-Mobile advertisements, their female spokesperson drives a motorcycle through a desert, so it could be assumed that T-Mobile already realizes this!
So before signing that contract, compare your next cellular phone service provider matches up with the competition.
We have used data from the 20 largest metropolitan areas in the United States to come up with nation-wide averages (but you can also see the results per area).

For the actual speeds, we are using publicly available data from OpenSignal's excellent maps. OpenSignal takes its data from over 1 million consumer devices, which is a great sample size. Surprisingly for some, T-Mobile has the lead with the absolutely fastest download speeds (averaging 8.1Mbps) across the 20 biggest US metros.
Those are the nation averages, but we would recommend you look at not just the nation averages, but also at your particular area to see which carrier has the fastest speeds there.

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