I wish I can get some pics or at least some specs so I can at least come up with an opinion on this phone.
My friend has the HTC Evo and from what I can tell based on what she tells me it's much less user friendly than a blackberry and has limitations that I personally wouldn't like. Is the Droid T2 the first 4g phone Verizon is releasing or are some of the other phones you listed going to be 4g? I believe the HTC Merge, LG Revolution, Droid Bionic, HTC Thunderbolt, and BlackBerry Monaco are going to be 4G, as well. I wouldn't count on those two being the only for long though, MWC is next month and I've already been reading that Samsung will debut their Galaxy S2 with a dual-core CPU too. I don't know why they offer so many Droids, each model is like an exact replica of the other.

The rumors as for verizon release date for Samsung Omina 2have never stopped since we hear the Omnia 2 will head to verizon in June . Droid Life just got word from Verizon regarding the release schedule for some of the most anticipated phones this year.  Those who have been waiting for the Droid X2, the LG Revolution, the Sony Xperia Play or the HTC Trophy can now pencil a definitive date on their calendar. These upcoming releases come in the heels of two more big launches from Verizon -- the Droid Incredible 2 and the Droid Charge.  In all honesty, if this doesn't qualify as smartphone overload, I don't know what does. The best on that list is probably the Nokia X700 for AT&T and then the Motorola Droid 2 on Verizon.
It's probably going to be really similar to AT&T's Torch, so I'll just give the ones for the for AT&T. At first, it is said verizon will release the device  in July, but it doesn’t appear.

Then we also heard the Omnia 2 will hit Verizon in early September, while it is absent again.
Today we are told that the samsung Omnia 2 will be introduced by verizonstores in mid-October.

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