TracFone owned Simple Mobile that operates on T-Mobile network overhauled its prepaid plan offerings. Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO Ting has announced that their customers on Sprinta€™s CDMA network will no longer have international roaming. Cricket Wireless today announced that it has added data roaming in Mexico and Canada and a new 4G LTE smartphone, Alcatel OneTouch IDOL 3. TracFone owned Simple Mobile that operates on T-Mobile network has made some changes to its unlimited nationwide and extended international plans. AT&T owned Cricket Wireless today improved its prepaid international offerings by adding new add-ons that include calling nine new countries. AT&T today announced that its prepaid GoPhone customers will be able to use their data in the Mexico and Canada just as they use it in the US, starting August 21, 2015.
AT&T owned Cricket Wireless today announced that it will add unlimited calling and texting from Mexico and Canada to the US to its $50 Smart and $60 Pro unlimited plans.
The carrier has introduced new Unlimited Plans that join features from the two previously available set of plans, Unlimited Nationwide and the Extended International plans.

The reason for this is that Sprint, which provides Tinga€™s CDMA service, has recently turned off CDMA international roaming. Simple Mobile doubles high speed data on the $40 nationwide plan, which now includes 4GB of high speed data instead of 2GB and adds international features (calls, text and data from Mexico and unlimited international calling to mobiles in Mexico, Canada, China and India and other landline destinations). However, unlike T-Mobile and MetroPCS that have allowed this feature on all data plans, GoPhone adds data roaming to only $60 plan.
Starting August 2, 2015, Cricket customers on these two plans will be able to call and text from Mexico to US, while calling and texting from Canada will be added sometime during August.
Their customers that use GSM-based service on T- Mobile network will not be affected with this change and therefore, when customers are somewhere out of the country, they will be able to use their phone but will be charged Tinga€™s regular GSM roaming rates. In addition to 4GB of high speed data that customers will be able to use in these two countries at no additional cost, users also get unlimited talk and text from the US to Mexico and Canada as well. Customers can now use talk, text and data included in their international plans in Mexico as they would do it in the US. As Ting notes on its official blog, their customers can now call family and friends in more than 150 countries at cheaper rates.

In addition, Cricket customers will be able to purchase a new Alcatel OneTouch IDOL 3, Cricket exclusive smartphone online and in stores for $149.99, starting November 6, 2015. America MA?vila€™ CEO Daniel Hajj has earlier announced that a€?people from TracFone will roam also in Mexicoa€?, in the similar way as their postpaid Telcel customers in Mexico roam in the USA with new a€?No Bordersa€? (Sin Fronteras) Plan. But, as some of their customers say in the comments below their blog post, not all Ting international calling rates have been lowered; some have been increased too.
Simple Mobile is a TracFone subsidiary so hopefully we can expect that other TracFone owned carriers as Straight Talk, Net10 and Page Plus Cellular will also gain this feature soon.

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