Wilson 801212 has been consistently ranked amongst the Top-10 Best Seller Signal Boosters on Amazon. If you are looking to buy a cell phone booster for vehicle for multiple users, then Wilson 801212 will be the ideal one for you. If you are considering this booster for a single user, you may also want to have a look at cradle boosters.
Additionally, if you need the booster for a single user looking for the best performance and are not really concerned about the looks and aesthetics of the booster, you should ideally go for a direct connect booster. If you are looking for something really cheap, it costs much more than another product – Wilson 815226 Sleek. I would suggest you to read this detailed note about the merits of buying it from Amazon (online) compared to buying it anywhere else and definitely not from your neighborhood electronics store. To get answers to some basic questions about the cell phone signal booster for home, you can visit the FAQ section. To get frequent updates about any price reductions or sale on Amazon for Cell Phone Boosters for home, please enter your email address below.
The premium website for new cell phone information such as full specifications, in-depth reviews and the latest news. There are lot of misconceptions around what a signal booster for cell phone can actually do.
Reduce the radiation emissionfrom your cell phone as the cell phone doesn’t have to exert strain while connecting to the nearest cell tower. If you experience weak or slow text messaging, 3G broadband, WAP or any other cellular function – a signal booster for cell phone can help you. Cellular repeaters do not damage your phone as they are fully tested, approved and certified by the FCC.
If you are looking for a booster specifically for 4G (used by T Mobile), you can find more details here. In case of single users, these cradle boosters give optimal performance and add to the decent aesthetics in your vehicle.

The only drawback with Sleek is that the phone needs to be constantly attached to its cradle and is thus meant for single user. I will add you to my subscribers list and update you as and when any special offers are put up by Amazon.
It is very important to understand what are the various advantages of signal booster for cell phone. The cell phone device puts out more radiation when they work harder to keep up with signal fluctuation. The radiation is directly related to the distance from where you hold the phone against your tissue, the FCC calls it SAR .The farther the source of the radiation the lesser the ill effects. So, if you are getting limited coverage in a limited area of your home, you can now have better coverage in an extended area in your home. For broadband data services, a cellular repeater will not only increase the coverage area, but it can improve data transfer speeds; unleashing the full potential of your mobile phone or 3G data card. Cellular repeaters also improve the signal for broadband data services such as EVDO, HSDPA etc., which will increase the speed at which they work.
Wilson 801212 has consistently been ranked in the Top-10 list of Bestseller signal boosters on Amazon.
Additionally, you can experience higher speed for your data transfer like text messages, MMS, internet access through your cell phone, access apps quickly, etc. The reason being a lack of cell phone reception boost beyond a 2 feet radius from the cradle booster. The best part is that Wilson 811214 kit comes with its own cradle booster that adds tremendous value to the looks and functionality of the booster. Ideally, you will need to have a Bluetooth headset to be able to get the benefits of its signal boost.
Remember to try each area for upwards of 30 seconds as most cell phones have a delay before they can register the signal strength when they are placed in a new area. When you have a change in signal strength the phone device works to compensate for any change to amplify a weak signal puts out more radiation studied to have harmful effects in children and anyone who have not fully grown into adults.

If the antennas are not properly separated and the signal begins to oscillate (due to feedback effects), the booster will automatically reduce its gain.
Wilson 801212 has got very positive customer reviews and is the preferred choice of customers for satisfying the requirements of multiple users in a vehicle.
So, if you are having travelers traveling on the rear seat of a car or van, then cradle boosters won’t be of any use. If you want your cellular repeater to improve broadband data services then you must, as always, make sure you purchase a repeater with the right frequency for you.
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