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Nokia 301 dual sim - full phone specifications, Find latest nokia 301 dual sim specs nokia 301 dual sim price visit mobile indian. IntroductionThe Lumia 830 is Nokia's last midrange effort before its entire smartphone business was gobbled up, and rebranded as Microsoft Lumia. To see the phones in real size or compare them with other models, visit our Visual Phone Size Comparison page. DisplayWhile an HD resolution is nothing to write home about in this day and age, Nokia has put a good IPS LCD panel in the 830, with plenty of color modes and manual adjustments to choose from.Lumia 830 sports a 5a€? 720x1080 pixels IPS LCD display with decent 294ppi pixel density.
DisplaySharp, 441 ppi AMOLED screen that is rather difficult to view in the sunSo long Lumia 1520.
Nokia has been known to switch up the displays they employ with their phones, which is especially apparent here with the Icon. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Nevertheless, the handset will be updated to the unifying Windows 10 when it lands later this year, so it is far from irrelevant still.Lumia 830 is hardly a spec'd out device when it comes to the main mobile components, as it features a lowly Snapdragon 400 chipset, 1 GB of RAM, and a 720p display a€?only,a€? but Nokia has thrown in a couple of perks that set it apart not only in the Windows Phone crowd, but also from mainstream Androids.
Lumia 830 returned 6558 Kelvin white point in our display measurements, which means that the hues are neither too cold nor too warm, but rather cover almost perfectly the reference 6500K mark. The timeless adage rings deeply for Verizon when it comes to Nokia smartphones, seeing that the carrier is constantly receiving second servings in comparison to its rival in AT&T.
Therea€™s a new king in the Windows Phone arena thata€™s taking the crown for having the most detailed display.
Instead of following in the same path of the Lumia 1520, which sported an LCD display, the Icona€™s display favors AMOLED technology. Can a 10 MP optically-stabilized camera, and Nokia's Rich Recording with surround sound audio be enough to prevent the Lumia 830 from sinking into oblivion before Windows 10 hits?
Scoring another good point, the color distribution chart returns accurate representation, with no oversaturation or off-kilter tonalities.Nokia cites a€?sunlight readability enhancementsa€? for the Lumia 830, which consist of boosting the display brightness significantly when outdoors under direct sunlight, but doesn't list it as having the Clear Black filter on top that diminishes reflectivity.
It was especially made apparent last year with the arrival of the highly anticipated Lumia smartphone for Big Red, the Nokia Lumia 928, which was a none other than a slightly modified version of the Lumia 920 before it a€“ yet again, a phone launched with AT&T first.
Flaunting a 5-inch 1080p HD OLED display with Nokiaa€™s ClearBlack technology, it results in having a pixel density count of 441 ppi a€“ easily besting the 368 ppi tally of the Lumia 1520. The result, of course, is having oversaturated colors that instantly catch our attention a€“ more so when the color black is actually black, not a shade of grey.
Thus, while the 830 fares well outdoors, it's contrast is not as good then as the one on the Lumia 930, for instance, so you'd have slightly subpar experience reading the screen under the bright sunlight, compared with the flagship.

More recently, AT&T continued to reap all of Nokiaa€™s fruitful labors with the Lumia 1520, a game changing Windows Phone in respect to its specs and size.
Additionally, its viewing angles are stupendous, since it maintains its clarity at all angles.Under the settings menu, we can adjust the color profile of the display.
Here, however, we don't have the traditional unibody design, but rather an easy to pry off rear cover that reveals a swappable battery pack, as well as the nano SIM and micro SD card slots. Still, at 478 nits, the phone's display is bright enough to be used comfortably outdoors.Covered by sculpted Gorilla Glass 3, the Nokia Lumia 830 screen should withstand more than a few bumps and scratches, and, as usual, it also features a supersensitive touch layer, meaning that you can operate it with your gloves on.
Following in tradition, from what it seems, Verizon is laying claim to a modified version a€“ the non-number branded Nokia Lumia Icon. Therefore, we can modify both the color temperature and saturation, giving colors a cooler or warmer glow. We have to take points off for the nano SIM, however, as it will force you to cut or replace your micro SIM card if you buy it unlocked, but this trend is inevitable, it seems. Taking almost everything we love about the mighty Lumia 1520, the Icona€™s package is slightly smaller, due to the 5-inch display ita€™s packing along for the ride. Also a frequent feature amongst Nokiaa€™s Lumia smartphones, we can interact with the display while wearing gloves.
However, while it was undeniably good there was still some room for improvement, as being a flagship phone many hoped for better specs, less weight and a more premium build.Now the Finnish phone-smiths are back with the Nokia Lumia 925. Nokia Lumia 925 Smart Camera mode lets you take a burst of photos, and then go back later and choose the story you want to tell.All the action in a single photo. Aside from that, it looks like there arena€™t any compromises with this over AT&Ta€™s pride and joy. Ita€™s a pleasant thing to know when ita€™s frigid outside, and at the same time, its sensitivity can also be adjusted for better accuracy.However, ita€™s not the brightest display wea€™ve come across. It's only seen a small number boost in its name, and if you assumed that meant that not much had changed, well, you'd be right. We also liked how the tapered cover glass slopes towards the sides to merge with the side rim for one uninterrupted look and feel. Just a smidgen shy of 300 nits, the display is difficult to view outdoors with the sun present a€“ requiring us to shield it most of the time. Nokia bragged that it takes hundreds of robotic movements to achieve the curved glass edges, and we have to say that the results of all that scrubbing are very pleasant to hold or simply look at. Compared to other recent Lumias, we cana€™t say that wea€™re totally in love with the design here.
Layered on top of it all is Gorilla Glass 3, which should do nicely to protect it against minor scuffs and scratches. But it seems like a missed opportunity to compete on a level playing field against the wider phone world.At first sight you might almost not recognise the Lumia 925 as a Nokia handset.
Overall, the Lumia 830 feels like one very solid piece of hardware that should serve you well a long time. Overall, ita€™s still a head turner in a dark room, as the iridescent glow of the display makes it a prime target.

It has the same sharply rectangular shape that the Nokia Lumia 920 has, but where that was all brightly coloured plastic, the Nokia Lumia 925 has a shiny aluminium band running around the sides. In fact, ita€™s not as comfortable to hold in the hand due to the edges of the bezel digging into our hand. It gives it a premium edge that is sorely lacking from other Nokia handsets, and it looks good for it.Unfortunately Nokia hasn't gone the whole hog and made a completely metal handset like the HTC One, and instead made the back from polycarbonate. In comparison to the Lumia 1520, the Icon is obviously easier to hold with a single hand due to its smaller size, but then again, those sharp edges combined with its flatter design, doesna€™t make it the most ergonomic thing.Finally, there are only two colors available with this model, matte black and white, which employ the same polycarbonate materials wea€™ve seen endlessly by now.
The weight was one of our key qualms with the Nokia Lumia 920, so it's good to see that it's been addressed.
Keeping true to the design language thata€™s been well established by now, it features the same set of ports and buttons around its trim a€“ these consist of its microUSB port, two-level shutter key, power button, volume controls, 3.5mm headset jack, and SIM slot. Firstly the position of the camera lens on the back makes it very easy to accidentally put your fingers over it, which is uncomfortable and could leave marks on the lens. Sorry folks, this one doesna€™t feature a microSD card slot.Both the Lumia 1020 and 1520 are known to be serious camera centric devices, so it doesna€™t surprise us that the Icon is in the club as well.
And secondly, the corners aren't very curved, which means they can dig into your hand if you hold the phone in a certain way.
Rather, therea€™s an evolutionary improvement seen with the handseta€™s 20-megapixel PureView camera, which features ZEISS optics, a wide angle f2.4 aperture lens, optical image stabilization, and dual-LED flash. Whereas the cameras on the aforementioned smartphones jutted out tremendously, the Icona€™s entire camera package is flush to the surface a€“ resulting in a uniform back casing. It's not quite edge to edge but it's not far off at the sides - although there's reams of plastic above and below, which seems a trifle unnecessary. Best phone dealsSave up to 40% on your mobile phone contractAt 332 pixels per inch it also has a pretty good pixel density, though not one that will bother the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4. And in fact it's exactly the same size and resolution as the previous model, which is a little disappointing.
That gives it a little protection when putting the phone down, but it also makes the phone less comfortable to hold as your fingers will often stray over the raised area.Buying GuideBest camera phoneThe left edge of the phone consists of a strip of metal with no real features on it, while the right edge has the power button in the middle, a volume rocker just above it and the camera button near the bottom. The buttons are all quite raised and responsive, making them easy to press and easy to find by touch alone. This leaves the Nokia Lumia 925 with just 16GB of memory, which is half what the Nokia Lumia 920 offers - although 32GB options are apparently going to be available.The Nokia Lumia 925 is slimmer and lighter than the Nokia Lumia 920. It also has a more premium build and a slightly improved camera (more on that later) but with the same core specs, less storage space and a much higher price tag it's got an uphill struggle on its hands.

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