According to Asymco's Horace Dedie report, Apple is a king of the hill in smartphone sales and is on LG heels for the third place in cell phone sales worldwide.
Samsung that revealed its profits for the second quarter is the second-largest smartphone manufacture globally in terms of units, however the company refuses to reveal its sales data explaining that by fierce competition with Apple.
This data means that about six out of ten dollars or 66.3 percent of global earnings from mobile phone sales flow to Apple’s pockets.

Do you know who did dominate in the market four years ago, at the time when first iPhone was released? It shows that Apple’s earnings in the cell phone space are steadily increasing at the expense of its challengers. Nokia, which had 55 percent of global profit on mobile phone market in second quarter of 2007.

Then, Apple, HTC and Research In Motion together possessed 11 percent of profit and today they collectively enjoy 84 percent.

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