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Still, though I use my phone for all my social networking and emails, and use my netbook for 99% of my other internet needs, there’s no platform that I like for gaming quite like the PC. The only problem is that most users are content consumers, not creators, so no one can say for sure how far the PC market will shrink down.
I think mobile processing will level out soon, just as we’re starting to see less and less improvement per generation with desktop processors without heat management becoming an issue.
It also introduces latency problems in multiplayer gaming, as it’s like running a Livestream alongside the game. You can’t really call me out on a comment I made a year ago not applying to the current generation of mobile chipsets. Except the install base for Android has gotten so huge that it makes total economic sense to develop apps of all natures for it. I expend the very same for my 3G data plan (it included a free SG II) that I expend at home for the ADSL access that my Desktop PC uses.
Yes, 3G works fine for me (I don’t see much difference for just browsing than browsing through ADSL), and I also do free tethering to share it with my laptop. I’ve heard about how cellular plans outside of the US are much much cheaper for better services than we get here in the states.
While $2200 does seem high, the fact remains that people will buy expensive phones and pay for expensive plans regardless of whether or not productivity apps presently exist for them.
Not only you have a very serious psychiatric problem, vomiting insults on every comment, but my dear child you also need to go back to kindergarden and get an education. You do nothing but personal attacks and name callings, so don’t act so offended when someone laughs at you. Is there a way to block your insipid rantings on this page, it’s tiresome to read your bleating about the sky falling in on the PC, ad nauseum.
Maybe if you have a Surface Pro type machine and a dock connected to your 27″ monitor, keyboard, etc. Fact is smartphones (and tablets) don’t stand up to wear, tear, and abuse all that well. Additionally (and it probably doesn’t need to be said), a 6 year old PC for most people has more computing power than most people currently need. Absolute crap – the improvements between Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge and Haswell are minimal at best.
Also your anecdotal evidence about a2007 vs 2011 PC means nothing, you haven’t even said what CPU you were using! As a person living in in Seattle, its just disappointing to see them become the company it is today. Interestingly the first graph actually shows consistent growth of PC sales regardless of the raw number of units sold. Apple, of course, sells only iPhones, but accounts for about 11 percent of retail phone sales, according to a survey from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Because they work with all the major operating systems and carriers and the big phone brands, Best Buy has emerged as one of the few places to really see it all.

Just as the atom bomb was the weapon that was supposed to render war obsolete, the Internet seems like capitalism’s ultimate feat of self-destructive genius, an economic doomsday device rendering it impossible for anyone to ever make a profit off anything again. A big tech company, for sure, but one that is being increasingly marginalized by the shift away from the desktop PC and companies such as Apple, Google, and Samsung. The three huge quarters are mostly due to the release of Windows 7 — but the release of Windows 8 in Q4 2012 barely makes a dent.
All the horsepower focused on gaming, a smaller, neater form factor, but most importantly, the freedom to mod and the power and pricing that has people swarming over Steam Summer Sale after Summer Sale.
Also, the prevalence of the cloud using powerful chips… powerful components are moving away from the home and into servers, so that even certain power-users can just use the cloud instead.
Any at-length writing is painful, and there simply isn’t the screen real estate to manage slews of drop-down menus that keep programs like Premier Pro usable at a professional level. It still needs to process player input and send that to the server, then the server sends back the image after processing.
People just grab them and are thereby counted as an increase in the installed base of Android devices.
Productivity apps and whatever else will come to Android because people will spend 5 bucks on an app that can write Word documents before they’ll spend 500 bucks on a cheap laptop. In Europe it’s way cheaper (I also get my previous generation high-end smartphone by 2-year contracts, there is almost no difference with a data-plan contract with no new phone included, except by the 2 years obligation). People are buying the phones and tablets in explosive quantities, it’s as simple as that. What is murky is the relative size of each submarket and how the success of iPads and Android tablets affects the desktop market.
With the growing power of mobile systems and the growing app ecosystem for them, it’s only a matter of time that you will be able carry your whole computing system in your pockets, and dock it at home or at word, replacing your previous desktops. I had to replace my last smartphone before my 2 year contract came up, and I know others who have done the same.
I wonder how much of that rise in the graph above is attributed to people having to replace units earlier than they expected or would normally expect to.
Even at work, we are using Optiplex 755s, 360s, 380s which are more than capable of using Word, Excel, and IE.
I never understand why people feel so compelled to follow trends without thinking about if going that route will actually benefit them. You just need a marketing group capable of pushing that little tidbit under the rug before anyone notices.
Smartphone numbers are largely irrelevant since its primary use is a mobile communication device, and no is buying them in lieu of an actual computer. Best Buy, which sells phones from all major carriers and all the big operating systems, accounts for 13 percent of sales. Both Verizon and AT&T have been working on plans designed to make their stores even more of a destination. Sales of the iPhone at Best Buy account for 13 percent, while Sprint, Amazon and the mass retailers each account for five percent. There’s also the problem of input coming in from multiple players at slightly staggered times.

Not until we’re all running our main desktops from mobile devices projected onto larger displays. And in the US I don’t have a contract, so I freely jump around to where the best deal is in my area. Each form factor is very good at some things and lousy at others, thus each is superior for certain uses. You on the other hand pick a petty fight about pills and anal sex because you lack the spirit of saying what you want and mean.
Same thing recently with tablets in my house as well, and again I know people who go through one or two tablets in a year.
The secondary capability is to perform low-end computing tasks when your computer isn’t handy, but all those things are certainly better on a full-fledged computer. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.
I’d expect to see proper Linux running alongside Android pretty soon too, since the Android display stack is being ported to desktop Linux. PCs will remain as the most versatile, powerful, and capable computers for the foreseeable future and Android will not easily dethrone it even if it features x86 compatibility. Storage transfer speeds are much better, and memory, graphics, power management, and network functionality have all greatly improved as well.
Beyond that, arm based devices are largely just toys, that end up being gimped in some fashion if you don’t have a PC to go with it. If we cast our gaze to the future and extend the lines on the graphs by a few years, it’s clear that this trend will continue until the PC is merely a specialized device for productivity and gaming. Then, you’ll be able to have the best of the desktop and mobile on a device that fits in your pocket and can be taken everywhere and plugged into a dumb terminal when you want to increase your productivity. As tablets and smartphones close the performance gap, and input devices improve, the PC market will shrink even further.
In the 2nd graph to get a clearer picture of Apple’s place there should be a separation of IOS and OSX, which is still miniscule compared to Windows. PCs (especially those that are Wintel-based) will remain as the most useful and versatile type of computer for the foreseeable future. They’re practically notebook PCs as well with detachable keyboards and running some sort of less useful OS such as Android or WinRT. Until Microsoft and other companies that design and develop pro-grade productivity applications port all their software to some other OS (such as Android), Android and ARM will never displace x86 and Windows except in those cute, mainly-for-media-consumption devices we call smartphones and tablets. Linux distros can take care of the server market, where Android will have an even tougher time penetrating.

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