If I call SmartReach to make local calls, how can I reduce the number of digits that I need to dial? If you are a SmartReach client you can make local calls from your cell phone at less than two cents a minute. Register for an “unlimited calling to five numbers” service offered by your cell phone provider. Most cell phone providers in Canada offer unlimited local calls to and from five numbers of your choice. Remember, when you make calls from your cell phone, you are paying between ten cents a minute (the lowest volume rate available) and thirty five cents a minute (standard overuse rate) for air time.
When you call the SmartReach number (after putting it on your “unlimited calling to five number plan”) you do not pay for air time for this first leg. Please note: since the unlimited calling to five numbers feature is only free for calls within your local calling area, make sure to add your local SmartReach access number to avoid long distance charges from your cell provider. Simply assign a speed dial command to the SmartReach access number in your phone contacts list (you can also create a voice command if your phone has a voice recognition feature) and you won’t need to dial the SmartReach access number every time you need to make a call.

This feature is either included free of charge in your monthly cell plan or offered as an add-on at a low fee. For even faster calls, you can assign speed dials to your frequently called destination numbers in the SmartReach portal (go to “Create Speed Dials”) and you can place calls through SmartReach in a matter of seconds. Wireless Service Providers are anxiously waiting for final verdict on Investigatory Power Bill. Unfortunately a large number of cell phone users will have to compromise on Data Privacy Rights. Among biggest Mobile Service Carriers, Rogers and Telus are waiting for the Ontario court ruling on their Charter of Rights Challenge. As a result, you surf the internet anonymously.By User Reviews and Fans Suggestions following providers have proved to be fastest and most secure VPN provider. In reality it will be replacing the DRIPA(A Former Proposed Bill).International Data Privacy DayWhile different organizations are collectively working to safeguard Civilians Data Privacy, Social Welfare Organizations are worried for a major issue. The National Cyber Security Alliance is conducting international Data Privacy Day on 28th January.Prime focus of Data Privacy Day is to raise civilians awareness and give education on the need for Privacy and Data Protection.

As a result, more people will play active role in safeguarding their Personal Data.ConclusionThe ruling shall be made either in the favor of Civilians or State Sponsored Surveillance Agencies. It doesn’t only give you anonymity, but it passes your data through dedicated tunnels making your data encrypted and impossible to read.
Even if it falls in wrong hand it will be of no use.In the end I am leaving you with the choice to comment and share your thoughts for User Data Privacy. Frequently going against the grain, Ali Khan focuses on the latest developments in the tech world - making every effort to deliver the most concrete and comprehensive insight to those who want to stay a step ahead.

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