JDTECK is a Telecommunication Solutions Company with extensive experience in cellular network infrastructure and field deployments. This is apparent not only by the features and specifications that come standard on all our products, but the components supplied with our kits; down to the grade of coax and RF connectors used with our equipment is an indication that we will not compromise on product quality.
All of our repeaters are also tested to meet the highest standards in cellular communications today. To maintain safe and specific output signal levels, all of our repeaters have built-in AGC and ALC circuits, that run an active software which can automatically control the gain of the repeater within a 15dB range depending on environmental conditions. These Alarm LED's are used as a guide to prevent your installation from re-producing errors due to excessive input signal if a pre-amp is used, or from signal oscillation due to the indoor antenna and outdoor antenna being too close to each other, which can have adverse effects on a base station.
The British-based telecom service provider Cable & Wireless has been a long-standing customer of JDTECK, supplying channel-specific repeaters to many of the markets they service around the world. JDTECK also services a niche clientele where there is really no need for us to discredit anyone else. There are manufacturers that use a false unit of measure to advertise the output power of their Wireless BDA’s. In recent times, several sub-standard brands with their apparent lack of experience in cellular communications are supplying repeaters and other cellular equipment solutions with 75 (Ohms) RG6 Cable TV coax. Signal reflection will not only affect the true potential voice quality of the call, but will also drastically reduce the life span of your product.
You also will not find any of our repeaters or boosters with proprietary connectors forcing you to only purchase accessories from us. JDTECK is now registered with the CCR (Central Contractors Registry) and can accept PO's and Purchasing Cards from government agencies. JDTECK has the ability to custom design an Auto CAD rendition of a product and escalate it from a 3D digital format, to producing a mold, and then onto manufacturing in just a few weeks. As a manufacturer of channel-specific repeaters for network operators around the world, you can be assured you are doing business with a company who not only understands how networks operate, but actually manufactures components for these. No matter where you are located or how much you plan to spend, everyone gets grade A+ customer service.

Digicel, an Irish-owned operator, is yet another service provider that has used JDTECK’s products for several years now. You can feel at ease working with our company knowing that your contact info, building floor plans, and other personal details are kept safe with us. Our wide range of products available for both service providers and consumers speaks for itself. We think it’s unprofessional and pointless, as critics will always question the testing procedures, source, and accuracy of the data used to discredit another brand. But upon closer examination, you will notice that they all seem to carry the same few limited brands available on the market.
A professional company that stands behind its products will not be afraid to provide in-depth specifications and close-up photos of what they produce, so you can see exactly what you are getting before you make a purchase. Examine all the products offered on the market and it will become very apparent that there are really limited options to your custom requirements outside the product range of the JDTECK brand. For example, you may see the power rating of "3 Watts" advertised on a consumer model Wireless BDA or Repeater, but is this rating accurate?
If, for example, you were to input the number 3 in the watts field, you will get the equivalent rating in dB's. RF Adapters are available to mate our products to any other accessories available on the market from any other manufacturers.
Our products are available for networks and protocols no matter where in the world you are located.
As suppliers of Narrow Band and Channel Selective Repeaters to various network operators around the world including the USA, we know exactly what parameters cell phone repeaters and signal boosters need to meet for seamless network integration. Not all manufacturers have the ability to complete this level of testing on their products nor have the engineering capabilities to have their products meet these standards.
Many Fortune 500 companies have also used JDTECK when looking for a high-quality, cost-effective solution.
It is this level of trust that continues to cause our company to be recommended to other high-profile clients.

2012 marks 13 years that we have specialized as a company in providing Cellular Communication Solutions, (over 45 years combined experience in the industry) so you know you are working with an experienced partner.
We prefer to show who also selected us as their preferred source for enhanced cellular solutions.
We have also built a level of trust with many clients that know the level of customer service and the custom solutions we produce cannot be experienced anywhere else. An experienced company will be able to offer you a wide range of products from their own portfolio of products to suit many different applications (Remote, Large Buildings, Outdoors, Marine, Off Shore, Custom Integration, etc). However, all cellular equipment including antennas, splitters, repeaters, combiners, etc, operate at 50 (Ohms). We also offer terms and quantity discounts to Government Agencies including Federal, Law Enforcement, State, and local.
These include GSM, DCS, CDMA, PCS, WCDMA, CDMA2000, and supported technologies of HSDPA, HSUPA, EV-DO, EDGE and GPRS to name a few. The very fact that many of these websites are supporting these sub-standard brands mitigates their claim of being professionals or specialists. So clearly, this is not accurate data when referring to Wireless BDA’s for consumer use.
The reason is that many of these brands do not meet quality-testing standards when placed on test equipment. Well, this impedance mismatch between the coax and equipment will increase the VSWR value (Vertical Standing Wave Ratio); or, in simpler terms, it will decrease how efficient the signal flows between the components, causing a high level of signal reflection. With JDTECK, however, you can be assured that we do not compromise on quality, and you will enjoy many years of trouble-free service with our brand.

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