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The Right ScoopAugust 4, 2015You’ve probably heard by now that Gawker published Donald Trump’s cell phone number and told the masses to call him.
This might not mean anything if you are under 40 or thereabouts, but back in the day, we didn’t have the convenience of push button digital phones.
Oh no – we had those lovely rotary dial phones, and it took forever to dial a number, especially if the phone or your finger slipped, and you mis-dialled.
Of course, the campaign responded it was no big deal, that Trump has several phone numbers.
I recently posted a note to FB friends from childhood about our old phone numbers – we had party lines and an operator who connected us, even tho we had rotary phone sets.

Turns out Trump recorded his own presidential message on the voicemail and that’s what everyone hears when they call now. I can't even set it up my settings won't allow me to could you explain this poor should I just contact my phone provider?i»?Ceres Gosney: For some reason I can't click on the voicemail settings tab.A Any idea why?

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