Our ProcessOur 4 steps are designed to create a balanced and results-based program that is customized to all of your specific needs. It is nearly impossible to imagine surviving in the business world today without our ubiquitous cellular and smart phones. Lately I have been trying harder to remember that a cell phone is not my own personal deity that I am a slave to,but it is merely a tool for me to use.
Consider this scenario: An associate is de facto CEO of a local organization and is on call evenings and weekends. I receive countless business and personal calls  daily, along with dozens of e-mails and text messages.
Just as John is about to be asked about the financial numbers, he steps out to take a call.

She had the foresight as a leader to not consider herself as being irreplaceable, and trusts the staff to handle any problems for the short term. I rely on its mapping function    to help me locate a local client, restaurant or coffee shop.
When I would answer my cell during a conversation, I felt that it showed that I considered them less worthy as a person. As John returns to give the numbers, Delores steps out for a call and misses John’s contribution and the important information she actually needs.
It can and it does, but only when our behaviors govern when and how we use it, instead of allowing it to control us. With so much power and information in the palm of our hands, we often feel that we have all we need to make      our daily decisions.

When the group plays musical chairs with their phones it reduces the effectiveness immeasurably. Now I simply let my calls go through to voice mail; people can leave me a message and I can get back to them as needed.

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