Straight Talk recently released the iPhone 5 onto its unlimited plan, which means that now you can get this top of the line and industry-changing phone with no contract and no commitments. Tracfone has yet to release an Android phone, but Straight Talk (a company owned by Tracfone) has a few of these phones that are for sale at its website. Both of these plans run on the Verizon prepay network, which is one of the most solid in the country.  I was just talking to someone today who has a contract plan through Verizon Wireless and was extolling its virtues as he also told me how cool the new Samsung Omnia 2 cell phone is. These two prepaid phone plans are good ones to include in your search for a well-priced prepaid plan that will give you the service and the assurance you need out of your cell phone provider.
This entry was posted in straight talk and tagged straight talk android, straight talk prepaid, straight talk unlimited plan, straight talk wireless, tracfone. One of the most attractive things about Straight Talk’s plan is that there is no contract. There are no additional charges for overage fees or anything like that since the plan is Unlimited.
You can also purchase the Straight Talk Unlimited 6 Month Plan, which will cover your service for half a year.

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Get a free Straight Talk Samsung t528g touchscreen phone with the purchase of one month of talk time. The iPhone 5 reconditioned version from Straight Talk comes with a savings of $150 and the $45 unlimited prepaid plan. This entry was posted in straight talk and tagged free straight talk phones, straight talk free, straight talk free month, straight talk phones. Straight Talk isn’t the only prepaid company to have the iPhone 5, but they have a really strong unlimited plan that just makes sense for this level of phone. The best phone perhaps is the LG Optimus Black, a very thin phone with a lot of cool features. This one runs on the Verizon network, which means it extends to many people who haven’t been able to have a prepaid unlimited plan Straight Talk Android yet. For that $45 per month, subscribers get unlimited talk time, unlimited text messaging, unlimited web browsing, and unlimited 411 calls.

You don’t need to sign anything to get started with Straight Talk, all you need to do is pay. See all details at the official site and get your new iPhone 5 or 4S or instead go the super cheap route and get a free phone.  See all details by clicking here. You don’t have to sign a contract with this carrier, and you get a monthly billing invoice mailed to you. I am not the biggest fan of this phone because there are so many other phones to choose from at pretty decent prices — even the iPhone 5, which you can get for $500 used right now.
This is a great phone and service for the occasional user that isn’t heavy text messaging or cell phone internet usage. Straight Talk marries an affordable prepaid plan to one of the most remarkable cell phones ever.

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